Certified Angus Beef has a steak cut just for you

Here are the best steaks for high-heat grilling

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Michael Ollier, a chef with Certified Angus Beef Brand, is helping you pick the best steaks for high-heat. grilling and Certified Angus Beef has a the cut just for you. Jason Carr’s favorite, the New York Strip, tastes great with lots of marbling, The Filet is great for those who like a super tender cut and the Ribeye is the most flavorful but if you don’t care for the fat you may lean towards the New York Strip.

Some alternative cuts are the Top Sirloin Steak which is more affordable with nice marbling, a Flat Iron Steak which is great for the grill and is the second most tender cut, along with the Top Round steak which is very economical. Chef Ollier suggests marinating the Top Round steak before grilling.

Chef Ollier only cooks with Certified Angus Beef Brand because of the marbling. Marbling is where you find all of the flavors for your meat and Certified Angus Beef Brand has just the right amount of marbling for a juicy steak.

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Watch the video to find the best steak cut for you.

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