Watch art, science and technology come to life at this celebration in Detroit

Science Gallery Detroit is kicking off the Future Presents exhibition

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Science Gallery Detroit is kicking off a 3-month-long celebratory exhibit called the Future Present which blends art, science, and technology.

Devon Akmon and Olga Stella, described what you can look forward to experiencing.

Olga Stella said that this year’s theme will highlight social issues that were already impacting humanity before the pandemic.

Devon Akmon explained how the Future Present exhibit is an extension of Michigan State University and brings their findings to the public while also sharing new ideas with the university.

During this time you must reserve a spot to enter the exhibit and only 30 guests will be able to visit in each hour. While there are fewer interactive parts, there are robots helping you navigate through the exhbit as well as a smartphone app.

To learn more visit detroit.sciencegallery.com

Watch the video to learn more about this fun, scientific exhibit near you.

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