Lush garden walk where legends bloom

Learn about Detroit’s hidden past while taking a walk amongst dahlias and butterflies.

Detroit Abloom on Live in the D

This weekend get transported back in time at a flower filled sanctuary in the city. Detroit Abloom is hosting its annual “Le Detroit” event, a self-guided garden walk where guests can learn about five local and mysterious legends among a sea of flowers and lush greens. The legends are based on true events that happened in the late 18th century here in Detroit, and contain all the usually spooky suspects, like werewolves, goblins, and mysterious nuns. Director Tom Milano spoke to Tati Amare about the event and about Detroit Abloom.

Detroit Abloom is a cut flower farm in the city. It was started five years ago as an experiment to re-purpose abandoned lots into thriving urban oases. Now the farm is home to a variety of flowers, plus a native plant nursery, and a butterfly nursery and education center. It is also working on becoming a healing center, where people can come and enjoy all the health benefits a garden can offer and enjoy restorative activities like yoga, art therapy, and cooking classes.

The garden depends entirely on the help of volunteers and works to connect with the community with a series of events like tomorrow’s “Le Detroit” event. You can learn all about it in the video above and on their website.

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