There’s a school lunch with your student’s name on it

Healthy school lunches are available for students learning in-person or remotely

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It’s National School Lunch Week! Students in our community are either back in school or continuing to learn from home and it is important for all of them to have a healthy lunch.

Host Tati Amare spoke with Carolyn Thomas, a Child Nutrition Consultant at the Macomb ISD about the importance of school meals.

Healthy school meals are essential in improving behavior and academic performance and they’re also an important part of nutrition. A healthy school lunch includes whole grains, protein, fresh fruit, and vegetables with milk. Milk is an essential part of school meals because it contains 3 essential nutrients to help students grow to have strong, healthy bones.

For students who are learning remotely, parents can pick up a week’s worth of meals from schools that are being used as distribution sites.

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