The Michigan Renaissance Festival Village gets a spooky makeover

A Haunting in Hollygrove Halloween experience in Holly

This article is sponsored by The Michigan Renaissance Festival

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is hosting a spooky, (and socially distant,) Halloween experience for families this fall. “A Haunting In Hollygrove - Phantasm of Lights” is an outdoor walk through light shows and spooky scenes.

Kim Heidger from the Michigan Renaissance Festival spoke with Jason Carr about the experience. She said it is meant to be eerie, not frightful. She said kids as young as 2 years old have been through without issue in the past, but there are still scary surprises adults can enjoy.

Several of the iconic spots on the festival grounds have been remade into Halloween scenes, like a castle which has been taken over by vampires.

Heidger says to dress warm, since it can get very chilly outdoors at night. There’s also no dress code, and she says she’s seen guests in Halloween costumes, Renaissance attire, and just regular clothes.

She says they have really taken to social distancing, and all guests must wear a mask on the walk. They’ve also set up time slots with a 40 person capacity, and the grounds themselves are very open and allow for social distancing

Parking for the event is free, and tickets are $25 for adults and $17.95 for kids. Heidger announced that this Thursday and Sunday, all tickets are priced as kids tickets.

To find out how you can get your tickets, check out the video above.