Stock up on Michigan-made products for the holidays

Westborn Market has an emporium of produce and artisan foods

Michigan Food Week - Westborn Market on Live in the D

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It’s Michigan Food Week on Live in the D! All week we are celebrating the fabulous food finds and famous legacies unique to Michigan.

Westborn Market focuses on produce but they also have meat, deli food, and groceries as well. They also have the Michigan Food Dome at their Berkley location which includes all Michigan-made products. The top sellers are chips from Traverse City and roasted coffee from Grand Rapids.

Westborn Market also wants to help you prepare for the holidays with gift baskets with all Michigan products. You can also order charcuterie boards.

Westborn Market has four locations around the D including Berkley, Dearborn, Livonia, and Plymouth. All locations are being sanitized and cleaned each night while requiring face masks and social distancing in the stores.

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