How to stay in style while still staying warm

Practical winter fashion for the new year

Warm weather fashion on Live in the D

Living in Michigan means dealing with winter weather, but you shouldn’t let the cold stop you from looking your best. Style editor Jon Jordan is back with tips on how you can dress to impress without freezing.

Keeping your hands warm is an important first step to dressing warm, so Jordan recommends finding some trendy gloves to pair with your outfit. He recommended trying smart gloves, which have a fabric on the fingertips that allow you to use touch screen technology without taking them off. They’re even offered with fun styles like fringes and bows. Finger-less gloves are also in style and can even be rolled down to double as a stylish cuff.

Jordan also showed off some long gloves from one of his favorite local companies, He said that long gloves mimic the style of an evening glove and can look particularly fashionable with short sleeved or sleeveless shirts.

Anyone who has lived in Michigan long enough knows that layers are a must-have part of any winter outfit. Jordan says long layers are key, and showed how a long shrug can be styled with different outfits. He said finding a shrug with sleeves at the end can give you all the flow of a cape, with all the practicality of a sweater.

Jordan said he wears vests all the time, and showed off how many different ways there are to style one. He said that women’s sleeveless dresses are a year-round trend, so why can’t vests be too?

The last trick Jordan showed off for cold weather was turning a fuzzy tote bag into a seat warmer for cold weather outdoor dining.

For even more fashion tips from Jon Jordan, watch the video above.