What’s it like playing “The Rock”? Find out from two stars of his new show

Bradley Constant and Adrian Groulx play two younger versions of Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson on “Young Rock”

Meet the stars of the Young Rock on Live in the D

There aren’t many people who can fill the shoes of a superstar, especially when those shoes are of Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. In the new show, “Young Rock”, you get a glimpse of what it was like to be Johnson at three stages of his life. From watching his father become a professional wrestling legend, to his time as a stellar college football player, you learn about the real life experiences from one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. Two of the actors who portray Johnson, Adrian Groulx and Bradley Constant, spoke to Tati Amare about their experiences on the show and working closely with The Rock to ensure they mirror his traits perfectly.

Watch the video above to hear what Bradley and Adrian had to say about The Rock and how the show helps them appreciate the importance of family.