Learn about Detroit’s influence on hip-hop history virtually

This exhibit will show you hip hop’s influence on culture, film, music and more

Hip Hop Icons Detroit at the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum on Live in the D

A museum in Saginaw has a hip-hop exhibition that they’ve made virtually for everyone to enjoy. The virtual exhibit will highlight over 150 cultural objects that tell the story of hip-hop’s influence on culture, film, music, and more.

The Marshall M. Fredrick Museum believes that museum professionals need to take the lead in the community to expose people to all cultures. The museum is the first of its kind to feature historical memorabilia from the world of hip-hop. You can learn about Detroiters such as “Big Proof” who is close friends with Eminem and some of the founders of the group “Slum Village”. The museum also has a virtual film speaker series. The event tonight will give you a chance to speak to Professor Griff from Public Enemy.

Watch the video for more information.

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