Pick up a book for National Read Across America Day from this local store

This place has a $100,000 book!

John King Books on Live in the D

March is reading month, and we’re checking in with a local bookstore with one of the largest collections of rare and used books anywhere. Debra lee from the John King Books stopped by to chat about what you can expect at the store.

She says that the owner, John King, started it out in high school, selling books out of his front yard, in the mall, and eventually working his way up to getting a storefront. Since then, they’ve been through multiple buildings before ending up at their current location in downtown Detroit. They’ve grown so much they’ve expanded to the building next door to house some of their rare books.

Some of the rare books you might be able to find there include a first edition Book of Mormon valued at $100,000, a first edition of Virginia Woolf’s first book done on her printing press, and an intricate handmade copy of the Magna Carta.

If you stop by the store, you’ll find more than just books. They also stock artwork, music boxes, stamps, coin collections, antique furniture, and plenty of bookends. “They’re the things that go with the things that book-lovers love,” Lee said.

One of Lee’s personal favorite items that has been through the store is a book made completely out of woodcuts in ebony and topaz. She says currently, Virginia Woolf’s book is her favorite, but you’ll never know what they have in store.

To find out more about John King Books, watch the video above.