Celebrate International Women’s Day with women who inspire

See what everyone had to say about the women who inspired them

What's the Buzz - Celebrating International Women's Day on Live in the D

Today on What’s The Buzz, Tati was joined by author and motivational speaker Mimi Brown, Lauren Crocker with The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, and Jason Hall from RiDetroit to talk about the women that have inspired them.

First, Mimi talked about her inspiration, Maya Angelou. She said that she has so many amazing quotes and writings, but she also made achievements no one knows about, like being the first female streetcar driver in San Francisco.

Laruen then said her feminist inspiration was Gloria Steinam, a leader in everything from civil rights to 60′s feminist movements. “I always think about her when I think about powerful women in history.”

Next, everyone talked about their favorite women in film.

Lauren said she’s inspired by Jane Fonda, who’s activism was carried on throughout her career, and who at 83, shows no signs of slowing down. Jason and Mimi both talked about Cicely Tyson, who stayed true to herself by only taking roles in films that highlighted African American women.

Finally, Tati asked about the women in the music industry that inspire everyone.

Jason chose Erykah Badu, saying her impact changed the way music was being made. Mimi picked Aretha Franklin, an icon who’s music transcends audiences, and who has performed at multiple presidential inaugurations. Lauren said her choice was difficult, but that in the end, she had to go with Tina Turner.

To hear more of their conversation, watch the video above.