Ease into the world of beer at this brewery in Ypsilanti

Grab a cold brew for New Beer’s Eve!

New Beer's Eve at 734 Brewing Company on Live in the D

Here is a historic fun fact, prohibition officially ended on April 7, 1933.

In honor of that day beer drinkers began celebrating something called ‘New Beer’s Eve” every April 6th. This year we are joining in on the fun.

There is a brewery in town that has got a unique approach to drinking beer.

‘Live in the D’ host Jason Carr chatted with Brian Jones-Chance the co-owner of 734 Brewing Company in downtown Ypsilanti about how they make it easy for anyone in the community to enjoy beer.

734 Brewing Company is all about easing people into the world of craft beer in a fun atmosphere. Jones-Chance explained that the brewery is inclusive and creates a community-focused atmosphere that keeps you wanting to come back. The brewery offers very subtle types of beers that would help even the most beer-skeptic person test the hops of a cold brew. For those who have just said no to beer altogether, 734 Brewery offers bottle cocktails and spirits that you can enjoy as you kick back with your Brewski buddies.

You can venture up to Ypsilanti for a fun time on their patio or get your beer delivered. 734 is offering $2 delivery for those in the Ann Arbor area and Wayne county. Just order online and get your cold ones to your doorstep.

Watch the video to learn more.

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