What does mom really want for Mother’s Day?

Local moms weigh in

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Today for “What’s the Buzz” it’s all about Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Every year it’s a special time to recognize the moms in our lives, but do they get the credit they deserve? And, what do they really want for Mother’s Day?

To help us answer these questions we asked some local moms to join host Kim DeGuilio: Vanessa Cohen, co-founder of The Cohen Brand and mother of 5; Kerry Doman, a mother of 2 and the creator of Little Guide Detroit, a resource website for parents to use to find out what’s going on around town; and Jamie Kaye Walters, a mother of 2 and the Creative Services and Programming Director at Local 4.

First, they discussed the pressure of being a mom, and whether the bulk of managing the household falls on their shoulders. Jamie started the group off by saying the pressure was very real, and while her partner is great with the kids, the division of labor wasn’t equal when it came to managing the house. Who’s to blame for that unequal division, she doesn’t quite know. Kerry agreed, saying while she and her husband try to divide and conquer, a lot of the minute details are something she is better at managing.

With that being said, what do moms really want this Mother’s Day? According to Vanessa, a day off.

“I am a personal assistant, secretary, executive assistant, whatever you want to call it, without pay,” says Vanessa. “I just need a break.”

Both Kerry and Jamie echoed those wishes. Kerry in particular said she would love a night at the Shinola hotel without the kids.

“I need a break too, and that’s okay,” said Kerry.

For Jamie, she is not really into gifts, but what she really values is acknowledgment. Moms do a lot of things to make a household run smoothly, and she says she appreciates it when all those tasks are recognized, not as a blanket statement, but individually. Furthermore, acknowledging them throughout the year, instead of just on one day would be very meaningful.

They also discussed what lessons they learned from their moms.

To hear the full chat, watch the video above.

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