How tidy do you keep your room?

We talk about tackling the mess on What’s the Buzz

How tidy do you keep your space? We talk tackling the mess on What's the Buzz.

Today is National Clean Your Room Day. (Yes, we didn’t know it was a day before either, but they have a day for everything nowadays) So that got us talking about how clean we like to keep our spaces, and we invited our friends to join us.

Host Tati Amare chatted with Blaine Fowler, host of “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD, AJ Williams, the Managing Editor of the Michigan Chronicle, and Jason Hall with RiDetroit about cleaning their rooms.

So first of all, do you need to keep your room clean? Blaine said that when his wife was out of town, he let things get a bit messy, but he cleaned it all up before she came back. For AJ, however, she cannot sleep unless her room is clean. Although, she said it can get a bit messy during the day and it doesn’t bother her. It’s all a matter of how busy Jason is, for how clean his room can be. If he is very busy, he lets messiness slide, but if he has the time, he likes to keep it clean. The way he keeps the cleanliness up is to try to tidy up as he goes.

If you don’t keep your room clean as an adult, can you expect your kids to keep their room clean? Jason was all about having his daughter do as he says, not as he does. Though, at times he does bribe her to keep it clean with a fiver. Blaine fully agreed and says he wants to enforce that even though his son is 23 now.

How about your bed, do you make it every day? AJ was fully transparent and said she just started doing that during the pandemic. She says she really likes it and does it as part of her morning routine to help set the tone for the day. Blaine’s wife keeps his bed made every day. Jason shared a hack that he uses - he makes the bed, but only sleeps under the top cover so that the rest of the bed doesn’t get messed up.

So how clean do you keep your room?

Watch the full chat above. What’s the Buzz airs every Monday on Live In The D.

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