Does this mom on TikTok have a point about vacations?

She describes vacations with the kids as regular life, “but there’s sand”

What's the Buzz? - Mom's Vacation

What’s The Buzz is all about a viral video on TikTok. We are in peak summer travel season, but is a vacation really a vacation for moms? Take a look at this viral video which has more than 5 Million views.

In the video, she sips her wine as she sings, “Ah, Ah, Ah, I’m on vacation, but it doesn’t matter because I have 3 children. Ah Ah Ah, I’m on vacation and it’s the same as life, but there’s sand.”

That led us to ask, are moms really on vacation if the children come too? To help discuss it with Host Tati Amare, we invited some local moms: Vanessa Cohen, the founder of The Cohen Brand, and a mother of 5; Kerry Doman, the Founder of Little Guide Detroit, and a mother of two; and Corey Gut, a veterinarian, and a mother of two.

Doman says she believes all moms can relate to this notion. While vacations with the kids are frequently like regular life, but adding sand and a lot of planning, she says it is nice to just get out of the house. For Cohen, there is a distinct difference between a vacation and a family trip. When she wants a break from it all, she leaves the kids at home. Dr. Gut agreed, saying there should be a separate word like “family vacation” or “family experience.”

When it comes to planning the vacation, do moms get the short end of the stick? Doman says that she and her husband split the planning duties fairly evenly, but with young kids, there are so many more things to plan like car seats, diapers, and toys. She is typically the one that packs up her two kids, so she says she is always last out of the house. However, her husband does all the unpacking and will set everything up once they arrive. At Dr. Gut’s house, they like to stay in their own lane, and tackle the part of planning they feel they are best at. So when it comes to packing, they are all on their own, though she will pack up the sunscreen and other family essentials. Cohen says she acts as the family’s Executive Assistant when it comes to travel, and makes sure everyone has what they need. She even provides the kids with lists so they know what to pack.

So what do you think? Watch the video above to hear the full discussion. “What’s The Buzz” tackles a new topic every Monday.

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