Experience dinner differently by eating while blindfolded

Try It Out Tuesday sheds some light on dining in the dark

Try It Out Tuesday - Dining in the Dark

We are used to using our eyes when we order and enjoy our food, but what happens when you take away that visual stimulation? Your other ones come into play even more. That’s exactly what you’ll experience at Dining in the Dark.

This is a chance to enjoy a three-course meal while wearing a blindfold. The popular dining experience has been opening diners to another way to have dinner, which includes guessing what is on their dish. The experience is put on by Fever Up, the same company that brought the equally popular Candlelight concerts to Detroit. Diners are seated in a darkened room, and once they have ordered a drink and are comfortable, they put on a blindfold and dinner is served. Your server gives you clues to what you are eating and then you take a guess after a few bites.

Watch the video above to see if Kila guessed her meal correctly!

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