Have you tried steak off a hot stone? Why this cooking method makes all the difference

When it’s sizzling hot, you’ll get the perfect bite every time, this restaurant says

Black Rock Bar & Grill on Live in the D

Many chefs say the secret to a nice and juicy steak is getting the perfect sear on the outside -- and one unique way to achieve that sear is on a screaming hot rock: We’re talking 755 degrees!

“Live in the D” sponsor Black Rock Bar and Grill is an expert on the topic.

Black Rock offers this sizzling experience, and shared the details about why it makes a difference, with host Jason Carr.

We asked: So, what makes the hot stone such a great way to cook a steak?

Well, the restaurant said, it’s because every bite of steak is just as hot as the first. The hot stone perfectly sears the meat, sealing in all those delicious juices, and you can cook it to the perfect temperature just for you.

The idea for Black Rock began on a family vacation. The founders went to a warm tropical island and enjoyed a night under the stars eating meat that was cooked on a hot volcanic stone. They enjoyed themselves so much, they decided to bring the concept home to Michigan, opening their first restaurant in Hartland in 2010. From there, the idea grew and they opened a place in Novi, and then Davison. Now, they have 17 locations across the country.

While their most popular dishes are served on a rock, that’s not the only way you can choose to dine.

The restaurant offers more than 100 menu items, so everyone can find something to fit his or her appetite. Other popular dishes include their grilled salmon, their big Black Rock burger -- and you can’t forget about the volcano dessert, which piles ice cream and whipped cream on top of brownies, according to the restaurant, adding that the sweet treat is topped with a sparkler.

Black Rock said its most popular dishes, by far, are the variety of steaks and seafood you can cook on the stone. It’s an experience worth trying, but if you don’t want to be in charge of cooking your own food, the chefs are happy to cook it up for you in the kitchen, the restaurant said.

Currently, Black Rock is featuring a 8-ounce signature barrel steak, which is cooked in the back of the house and topped with a whiskey peppercorn sauce. It comes with buttery mashed potatoes and green beans. For more information, visit the website here.

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