Is pepperoni pizza just for kids?

Live In The D sat down with three pizza lovers to find out what belongs on a slice of pizza.

What’s the Buzz: Pepperoni Pizza on Live in the D

We all know that October is associated with candy because of trick-or-treating, but this month is also big for one more thing - pizza! It’s National Pizza Month and, just like toppings, there are so many things to discuss. For Live In The D’s What’s the Buzz, we stuck to the basics - pepperoni.

Host Tati Amare chatted with Amos Sheena, the owner of Tania’s Pizza in Royal Oak, Jason Hall who works with RiDetroit and is a pizza aficionado who once at a slice of pizza every day for a year, and Vanessa Cohen - the co-founder of the Cohen brand who says she loves pizza just like the rest of us.

When Amare asked if pepperoni was a “kids” pizza Amos said it’s “tried a true pizza” and everyone in the conversation seemed to agree. But, when it came to what to add to your topping list Jason Hall says you have to start with the basics. He said your cheese, crust, and sauce have to be amazing because if not, all the toppings are just a cover-up, literally. Nonetheless, before you even get to toppings you have to figure out what type of pizza you like between square, round, thin-crust, or even stuffed. Vanessa Cohen says growing up she loved the stuffed crust but, now in her adult years, she enjoys a nice thin crust for less bread or even substituting the bread for a cauliflower crust.

Watch the video to hear more about what these pizza lovers say makes a pizza great!

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