Award-winning pastor is spreading joy and positivity through music

Pastor Mike Jr. has a unique sound with a spiritual message

Music Monday: Pastor Mike on Live in the D

This week’s Music Monday featured a multi 2021 Stellar Award-winner, who has worked with some big names in the gospel music industry. Pastor Mike Jr. spoke to Jason Carr and Tati Amare about his recent project he worked on here in Detroit, and his style of gospel music he creates. Pastor Mike said he as been here in the city working with Kierra Sheard, and he sent a special shout out to The Village recording studio in Oak Park where he comes to record all of his albums.

When asked why his style of music appeals to people, Pastor Mike said gospel music is the only genre where the message, plus the melody, equals a miracle. He believes his song, “I Got You”, provides a positive lesson to a beat you can groove to. He won five Stellar Awards this year, including Artist of the Year. Although he is humbled buy the awards, he hopes his success will show that faith and focus will drive you to making your dreams happen.

Watch the video for “I Got You” above.