This style is graphic, but safe for work

Graphic tees aren’t just for your dad, its the new fad

Jon Jordan: Graphic T-shirts on Live in the D

When you think of a graphic t-shirt, images of a dad with some kind of superhero or brand logo may come to mind, but you shouldn’t think of them as boring dad uniforms. Graphic t-shirts are setting a trend on the runway.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan explained how to style a graphic tee for your next outing.

Jordan showed how graphic tees are being elevated in the world of fashion. He explained that there are some tricks to making graphic tees fashionable. One way is by adding it with a skirt. He also said you can knot the bottom of the shirt for a more fitted look. You can even add a graphic tee to your workplace attire. Even though it’s getting colder you can also add a graphic tee with season shorts. The shorts can be wool or cashmere to still keep you warm. When it comes to jeans, graphic tees are also easy to just throw on, but to spice it up you can add a jacket or really show off your personal style based on the graphic tee you choose to wear.

Watch the video to learn more about how to style your graphic tee for any occasion.

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