Horror Movie Bracket: What’s the best of all time? Vote in Round 3 👻

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Horror Movie Bracket. (WDIV)

Which horror film is the scariest of them all? Oh yes, it’s time for a very, very spooky bracket challenge.

Introducing our newest bracket -- the Horror Movie Bracket. We picked 32 of the best horror movies of all time and pinned them against each other for some spooky bracket action. I’m a big fan of horror movies, so this one was quite enjoyable to put together. We made the cutoff 1968, so we didn’t include some of the older classics, they’re just too hard to compare.

Our top seeds are The Shining (sorry, it’s amazing) and The Exorcist (which still creeps me out today). But they’ve got some tough competition at the top of the bracket. This is going to be a good one. The bracket has five rounds, and it’ll conclude on Oct. 29 -- with a winner announced on Live in the D.

We’ve had about 20,000 votes in Round 1 and 2! We’re now onto Round 3 -- down to 8 movies. A couple of surprises -- Carrie defeated The Evil Dead, and it wasn’t even close. And Silence of the Lambs beat out Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which I did not see coming. The top seeds remain in tact!

Prizes: Just by voting, you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to Jax Car Wash (four in each round) and one grand prize of $500! Thanks to our sponsor, FanDuel Sportsbook -- Make your first bet risk free up to $1,000.

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Get into the spooky season mood with these horror film scores:

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