Get your “Celebration” on with Kool and the Gang

Robert “Kool” Bell lists all of the hits Kool and the Gang will play at their upcoming concert

Kool and the Gang on Live in the D

There are few music groups that are around that have iconic songs that almost everyone knows. “Jungle Boogie”, “Ladies Night”, and “Celebration” have been featured in movies, commercials, and the latter is a must-play at a wedding. Kool and the Gang continues to perform those songs, and other hits after over 40 years together, and they will be playing them in Detroit at the Music Hall on October 30th, thanks to Greektown Casino.

Robert “Kool” Bell, founder of Kool and the Gang, spoke to Jason Carr about the upcoming concert, and about having songs from the 1970s and 1980s that people still enjoy today. Bell said he still loves to perform the band’s hits because of the fans from all over the world. He said from Asia to South America fans continue to show their love for the music and the band. That is what drives him and the band to show their appreciation.

Bell also gave an explanation of how the classic song “Ladies Night” came about. It was inspired by his late wife and hanging out in New York. He said that is one of his favorite songs to this day. He also talked the success the band had in the 1980s saying the band made a musical turn once disco became not “cool” anymore. With that adjustment, and the addition of lead singer J.T. Taylor, the band re-emerged back into the music scene with even more hit songs such as “Cherish”, “Joanna”, and “Misled”.

Watch the video above to hear more from Robert “Kool” Bell of Kool and the Gang.