3 ways to help maintain weight loss goals while navigating through all that holiday food

Here are a few ideas to try according to one weight loss coach

Eat your favorite food and lose weight - WW on Live in the D

Having a healthy Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can’t have some of your favorite foods.

Instead, there’s a way to navigate your way through holiday party foods and desserts while sticking to your weight loss goals.

WW coach Sarah Eldridge suggests creating an individualized, flexible approach that allows you to take into account your favorite foods in order to establish a healthy eating plan for life.

Eldridge talked about three main things to take into consideration.

That includes hitting your water intake goal, exercising in ways you enjoy and eating foods that help fuel your weight loss goal. Eldridge says there are also ways to earn bonus points. For instance, she starts her day with broccoli, which enables her to add to her personal points budget.

Watch the video above to learn more about tailoring a weight loss plan that works for you.