Want a quick way to peel potatoes on Thanksgiving?

Try It Out Tuesday checks if a viral hack for peeling potatoes is as easy as it appears.

Try It Out Tuesday: Peeling Potatoes Hack on Live in the D

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner, although rewarding, can be very time consuming, especially when it comes to one common dish, mashed potatoes. Peeling the potatoes can be a pain and the mess can be significant with all the peelings.

There is a cooking hack that has taken over social media that claims to peel a potato quickly and cleanly. Kila Peeples decided to try the hack out. In the video, it suggests you lightly cut the skin of the potato before you cook them. The results will be an easy way to basically pull the skin right off the potato. She cooked one potato with the cut skin, and another uncut. Did the hack work?

To see Kila’s potato peeling hack results, watch the video above.

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