Local chef serves up a new twist on pizza

These pies are served on a different type of crust

Takeout Tuesday: Le Crepe on Live in the D

A chef in Royal Oak is grabbing attention after he combined two dishes to create something different for pizza lovers, pizza crepes.

Chef Dennis Williams owns Le Crepe, which is serving up this different type of ‘za. The dish features a crepe in place of a typical pizza dough. This makes for a very thin, pancake-like crust. Le Crepe is offering a variety of toppings on its pizza crepes. The “Denise” is a vegetarian style crepe pizza that’s topped with sautéed tomatoes, garlic, basil, and a balsamic vinaigrette. The “Buffalo” crepe pizza includes pan-seared chicken with a spicy kick, blue cheese sauce, siracha, and onions.

Le Crepe also offers more traditional sweet and savory crepes. The restaurant is even serving a holiday crepe called Noel.

Le Crepe is located at 317 S. Washington Ave. in Royal Oak.

Watch the video above to see Chef Dennis Williams talk about his creations.