Creating a neighborhood loved by its community in the Heart of Detroit

Bailey Park in the McDougal-Hunt neighborhood

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A neighborhood can provide a sense of community and a park can provide a gathering place where all are welcome.

In Detroit, one woman combined the two and turned around an area that some simply may have ignored.

Best-selling author and award-winning journalist Mitch Albom showed us what Katrina Watkins, Executive Director Bailey Park did in her Detroit community.

Back in 2013, Katrina set out on a mission to create more beauty in her Mcdougal-Hunt neighborhood by clearing out an overgrown lot and building a community park. Her inspiration comes from her late father who taught her about how neighbors are supposed to look out for each other and take care of their own community. Katrina’s father was part of the black bottom neighborhood and she wanted to make sure it kept the great reputation it had when her father lived there.

Katrina hopes that in the future people will be able to visit her neighborhood and take a tour down a beautiful historic lane that preserves the greatness of the McDougal-Hunt neighborhood and the city of Detroit.

For the future, Katrina plans to work with partners to continue developing Bailey park, work on community home repair, and create affordable homes and programming.

Watch the video to see the park that has helped transform her neighborhood.

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