Here’s a way to turn your nails into a work of art

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan shares trendy nail art designs

Let’s be honest, ladies! We enjoy hearing someone say, “Girl, I love your nails!” However, these days, our manicures may take on a whole new look with statement nails.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan spoke with “Live in the D” host Tati Amare on how to have clean nail art that can kick things up a notch.

According to Jon, the aesthetics of nails are changing. Before, nails had extremely exact lines and were painted by a professional with a steady hand and a delicate brush. He says the new style is more organic.

The style editor says he can not believe the phenomenon that nail art has become and gets bombarded every morning with all kinds of notices from the beauty periodicals.

According to Jon, nail art is all about soft blends and colors. He presented the design “coffee and cream” as an example, which mimics the cream in coffee. He says that anybody, regardless of how delicate their preferences are, can create this look.

Organic nail art is really popular right now. According to Jon, you may achieve the look by using coffee and cream, geode, or water color.

If you want to attempt water color at home, Jon suggests taking a glass of water, pouring a tiny amount of polish (marbleized or color-changing polish for best results), and dipping your nail in the water. This generates a marble effect, and he advises you to proceed quickly since things might become sticky.

If you do not want to go through the nail art procedure, you may settle for a more modest look. According to Jon, you can use French manicure pens. However, he just found that you can use a metallic sharpie to achieve a chrome tip instead of a white tip!

To see how Jon did the water color demonstration, and for other ways to design your nails, watch the video above.

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