How to appear younger with makeup

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordon shares anti-aging makeup tips

Let’s be honest. We may not mind getting older, but as we all know, things no longer look the same. When it comes to looking younger, there are a number of things you can do with cosmetics to turn back the hands of time.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordon joined “Live in the D” co-host Tati Amare back in the studio to discuss age-defying cosmetics.

According to Jon, the technology available in cosmetics nowadays does not require the use of powder, particularly when using a thick foundation. Instead of powdering over your foundation, he recommends using a matte-finish primer. He also suggested the latest and greatest technology known as cushion technology, which contains sunscreen and requires you to crank and pump to see the product come out. It does not require powder and may be used for touch-ups throughout the day.

When it comes to brows, Jon says there is a distinction between full and dark. If you have a steady and artistic hand, you can mimic fine hair with an eyebrow pencil. If you want fuller brows, apply styling gel on a toothbrush (buy it from the men’s section for a lower price), then use powder on top when it’s damp, and you’ll establish a bond that will build up the volume of the brow hair and define it with color. Another trick he suggests is to tint your hair one or two shades lighter than your natural color.

Also, Jon recommends utilizing peppermint-infused products for your lips since it swells your lips, deepens their color, and provides a tingling sensation.

Watch the video above to see the full interview and additional advice from Jon.

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