How to avoid injury as you train for your next big race

Start slow to finish first

Now that the weather is turning warmer, a lot of people are getting back outside for activities like running and cycling.

If you or someone you know is setting their sights on attempting a race, whether it’s a 5K, a marathon, or a triathlon, training properly, without injury, is key.

We spoke to Dr. Jeffery Michaelson, an orthopedic surgeon with The Core Institute for some expert advice on how to train without injuries for the big race.

1) Set weekly goals early for timing and pacing. Balance is key. Make sure you set reasonable goals and work toward small, incremental improvements. The last thing you want to do is push yourself too hard -- because that is when injuries happen. You can’t expect to be race-ready in a week. Start slow and work on slowly improving your speed and how many days a week you practice.

2) Consider cross-training to work on strength and flexibility. Practicing for your big race doesn’t just mean running; you need to combine that with strength training and stretching, as well. This allows your body to be able to handle more running safely, as you build to your goal.

3) Include pilates and yoga at least once a week. This will help improve your balance, flexibility and core strength, rounding out your training so you can avoid injury.

For more information, watch the full interview above.

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