Give mom a break this weekend and cook this easy recipe

Plus, we have some healthy snack ideas!

For Mother’s Day, many moms just want some extra time to themselves.

So, why not take over the cooking this weekend?

If you are new to the kitchen, or just want to keep things simple, we spoke to Carissa Galloway, a registered dietician and nutritionist, to get her ideas for some easy and nutritious meals and snacks.

Her first idea, which even the kids can help make, is a lemony broccoli and pierogi skillet. She used Mrs. T’s classic cheddar and potato pierogis to make life easier. These dumplings are filled with creamy and cheese potatoes, so to brighten that up, she sautéed them with some broccoli and fresh lemon juice.

The pierogis can also be cooked up in other ways as well, including boiling, grilling or even popping them in the air fryer. There is an easy way to make a variety of dishes, from entrees to appetizers.

For snacks, she likes to keep this simple and packed with protein.

Galloway recommended Ovation Chicken sticks, which are made with minimal ingredients and have lots of protein. These contain shelf-stable egg as one of the ingredients, which means they have lots of vitamins and nutrients, Galloway said.

For more ideas, watch the video above. To learn more about Mrs. T’s and their All-Star Mom Campaign to help moms pursue their passions, click or tap here.

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