Get ready for a stylish 4th of July

Red, white, blue and you

Monday is one of the biggest events in Detroit with the Ford Fireworks show, and the 4th of July is the weekend right after, so lets get ready for some fun. Today on “Live In The D” Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan got everyone ready to showcase their red, white, and blue in a fashionable way. Let’s span our horizons and avoid looking like Uncle Sam! Jon says you can be stylish and still be patriotic.

First, he suggests looking at different hues of red, white, and blue. Jon says to start, look in your closet at colors similar to what you see on the American flag. Implied color matters so look for things to put together that match different colors.

Next, try rethinking stars and stripes. Jon suggests finding items that resemble stars and stripes in a subtle way. For example, a lightweight scarf with stars is a perfect accessory for your 4th of July outfit.

Tati asked about DIY style ideas and Jon had a great one. He hand-painted stars and stripes on plain white canvas shoes. Acrylic paint or fabric paint is very easy to find, and inexpensive, and it can turn your basic whites into something perfect for the holiday.

Finally, a simple trick from Ralph Lauren, a bandana. Jon says invest a dollar or two in a colorful bandana to enhance your look for the holiday.

For more 4th of July style advice, watch the video above.