Something is brewing at this local university

Eastern Michigan University is helping students brew a career in beer

Friday is International Beer Day, and we thought we would start the festivities early with something special. When you hear the phrase “beer and college,” various images may spring to mind.

Eastern Michigan University, on the other hand, is working on something very different. They have a four-year degree program in fermentation science and recently finished fourth in the United States Open College Beer Championship.

Professor Cory Emal joined co-host Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to talk more about the program.

According to Emal, it is a hands-on program that teaches students the scientific foundation of fermentation as well as all sorts of fermentation, such as beer, food, biofuel, and pharmaceuticals.

The professor explains that the curriculum combines a lot of biology and chemistry classes with hands-on lab skills that may be used in the brewing industry and other scientific professions. He goes on to say that fermentation is all about taking precise measurements, reporting data, and maintaining product quality, all of which are transforming skills for students.

Graduates of this program work as interns and associate brewers in the brewing industry, as well as in biotech and engineering fermentation systems.

For further information, go to the Eastern Michigan University website and type in “fermentation science.”

Watch the video above to learn the proper way to taste beer and to see the full interview.

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