This new Detroit pizza place is making slices unlike any other

They’re keeping pizza weird

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With toppings like beef brisket, shrimp, artichokes, and yes pineapple, Pizza Cat Max in downtown Detroit is keeping pizza weird.

“Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to eat the pizza they want to eat, even if it’s just a sausage pizza, or if it’s the kind of person that wants 15 toppings,” says Matt Wojtowicz, the Founder, and Co-Owner of Pizza Cat Max.

Pizza Cat Max started in Toledo after Wojtowicz left work at another pizza joint. He knew if he wanted his brand to succeed, it needed to be different and unique, so that is exactly what he set out to create.

Unlike the Detroit-style pizza, the crust is always thin, though it is loaded up with so many toppings you would never tell. There is also no crust edge on these round pizzas, instead, the toppings meets up with the crust, carmelizing the cheese along the edge, and making every bite as good as the first.

Wojtowicz also wanted his pizza to have a Midwestern flavor, so he uses ingredients commonly found in the area. For example, there’s cheddar in his pizza cheese blend; if a pizza has BBQ sauce on it, it’s Sweet Baby Rays; and the pizza sauce itself is a bit sweeter and a tad spicier than what you would find in Italy.

Pizza Cat Max offers a large variety of specialty pizzas, organizing them by the kinds of meats found on top. Options for people with dietary restrictions are plentiful with 4 different crusts (regular, gluten-free, cauliflower, and chicken), and vegan cheese available upon request. If you don’t want to try one of their specialty pizzas, you can also create your own with their large selection of toppings.

Besides pizza, they also serve wings (both traditional and boneless), steamed bagel sandwiches, and cheesy bread.

The restaurant is located in the basement of the building on the corner of Fort and Brush. It’s covered in neon lights and bright colors, giving it a strong late 80s, early 90s feel. The plan is for them to eventually expand into the suburbs with more pick-up/delivery locations.

For more information, watch the video above.

Pizza Cat Max’s address is 407 E Fort Street in Detroit.

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