What’s the buzz about Halloween?

Friends of the show chat about the spooky holiday

What's The Buzz: Halloween on Live in the D

What’s the buzz? Halloween, of course. It is the day for dressing up and trick-or-treating, and kids will be collecting bags full of candy tonight.

Mimi Brown, author and motivational speaker, AJ Williams, managing editor of the Michigan Chronicle and the woman behind the website “Single Black Chick”, and comedian and magician Jasen Magic joined “Live in the D” for “What’s the Buzz?” to discuss Halloween.

First, is handing out one piece of candy enough? Williams says that one piece of candy is not enough, especially since candy is cheap, and that people should put their hand in the bucket and dump it. Brown says she rewards the level of effort put into their costumes with a greater quantity of candy. Magic has a giant carnival wheel in his front yard, and when you spin it, you can win prizes such as king-sized, a handful, a dollar bill, and canned goods.

Do you buy enough candy to have extra to keep? Williams said she purchases a lot of candy. If they ever run out of candy, Magic says they go into his son’s bag and pick out all of the bad and give it away.

Do you remember your best or favorite costume? Harley Quinn was Williams’ favorite Halloween costume. Brown enjoys dressing up in pun costumes, and her favorite was when she dressed as a social butterfly. She wore a tutu with butterfly wings and antennas adorned with social media icons. Magic says his greatest costume was when he was invited to a Halloween party and told people he would come but did not, and they yelled at him, but he said he came as the “Invisible Man.”

Once Halloween is over, does the holiday season begin? Williams says that it starts with Thanksgiving, but the stores say that it is the Christmas season now.

Watch the video above to watch Jasen Magic’s trick as well as the full interview.

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