Check out how to style this winter staple

Jon Jordan talks about affordable, DIY boot trends

When you think winter, you might be thinking sweater weather. However, boots are just as important for the cold weather.

Jon Jordan, Local 4 Style Editor, joined Tati Amare on “Live In The D” to share tips on how to make your boots look trendy and stylish.

According to Jordan, denim boots are a huge trend right now and it can be made affordable at home.

“There’s this really cool merging of denim with boots and speaking of expensive, I went online, and I saw a pair of boots that had a denim sleeve, just like this and the retail was almost 1400 dollars,” he said. “It’s a boot with a denim sleeve, you can cut off a pair of jeans, you can add a pocket to the outside with a little bit of glue. Maybe you take a belt loop, and you make a boot strap…”

Jordan also said fur boots are currently in style.

“This is a fur sleeve that I put over the leather boot and I just took some, what they call sherpa, it’s just black fabric and I just made a tube out of it,” Jordan said.

Furthermore, fur boots can be styled with other designs such as a metallic coat.

“You could also just put a little metallic paint on it and then maybe do a different fur on top,” Jordan said. “These things are so easy to do.”

According to Jordan, it’s easy and affordable to make worn out boots look new again too.

“Say you have a pair of boots like this, suede that has salt stains, you could cover them all up, as it’s very very trendy right now. This takes zero talent, you just throw fur on there and go for it or another thing you could do, look at leopard print, study the way leopard spots are, they’re actually circles. Take a marker and create your own leopard print,” he said.

To learn more about these styles, watch the video above.

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