Tourist in your town features Wyandotte

Downriver town has a lot to offer just about everyone

It’s a small town with big city amenities, and easily accessible from just about anywhere in Southeast Michigan. “A lot of things that are really special about Wyandotte, first and foremost our location on the beautiful Detroit River; our proximity to Downtown Detroit, the airport, make us a great location; centrally located in a really special region of downriver,” Joe Gruber, Executive Director for the city of Wyandotte Downtown Development Authority told “Live in the D’s” April Morton.

Visitors to the city won’t need to wait for their huge street Art Fair in the summer, which draws thousands to the area. There’s a Jewel called Rivers Edge Gallery where guests can enjoy works of art by talented Michigan artists. It’s been in downtown Wyandotte more than 40 years. “Generally we have events, we have at least one a month that is either an art opening an art, an artist talk,” said Patt Slack, Rivers Edge Gallery Founder and Owner.

Also located on popular Biddle Avenue and the surrounding area are unique clothing, gift boutiques, and a variety of restaurants and bars. 24 businesses are part of the city’s social district, wHere patrons of legal age can enjoy alcohol while walking around certain areas of downtown.

There’s also plenty for families to do Downtown, including visiting 2 riverfront parks, and getting a history lesson at the Wyandotte Museum. The museum has artifacts dating back more than 150 years.

To see more of what Wyandotte has to offer, click video above.