Mother-daughter duo reveals the recipe to their sweet success

A batch made in heaven

A batch made in heaven. – The first day of March marks the beginning of National Women’s History month and what better way to kick off the month than acknowledging women business owners. One local mother-daughter duo discovered that life is what you “bake” it when they came together to continue the legacy of their family bakery. Jodie Polk and her daughter Jessica Barris joined Tati Amare and guest co-host Blaine Fowler to discuss the success behind Culinary Combo Bakery.

Polk said that Culinary Combo Bakery started 30 years ago with her and her late husband Jim. After the passing of her husband in 2018, Polk said ”I didn’t think I’d ever bake again, I didn’t think I’d want to cook with anyone ever again.” Barris stepped in and left her career as a product photographer to help carry on the business with her mom.

Polk said that some good advice to other women who want to run a successful business is to surround yourself around a good team. “Number one is surround yourself around a team of women, or men, but women who support your dream, encourage your dream or believe in your dream”, said Polk.

Culinary Combo Bakery is located at 29260 Franklin Road in Southfield.

To learn more about Culinary Combo Bakery, watch the video above.