Freshen up your home with these spring trends

Feel like you want a change in your home?

Spring means it’s time to look at things you might want to change about your house. So let’s talk about those hot style trends for your home.

We spoke to Rachel Stewart, the president of Gardner White, to get her take on what’s trending this season.

Let’s first talk colors.

Stewart said rich, warm colors are in, and specifically mentioned emerald as a popular color this year. A great way to incorporate this new trend without breaking the bank is to switch up your pillows. If you start with a more neutral sofa, you can easily switch up the pillows to keep things current.

One thing to note, however, style isn’t everything. Another trend she mentioned was versatility and comfort. Believing it to be a hangover from the pandemic, she said she is seeing her customers gravitate towards items they can get a lot of use out of and that won’t wear out.

One couch she mentioned in particular is called the “link,” which has multiple different configurations so it can really grow and change with your family’s needs. Want an L-shaped couch? It can do that. Did your family expand and you want a big U-shaped couch? It can do that too. Ready to downsize? It can become a loveseat.

Another thing you may notice is a lot more white and light colors. This is because of performance fabric, which allows stains and messes to be easily cleaned up from all-white couches. So now you can live your life without worry and still have that cream sofa.

She demonstrated how it worked by pouring pop onto a white fabric sample. The coke just beaded up and she was able to dab it up without it penetrating the fabric.

For more great ideas, watch the video above, and for more information about how Gardner White can get you set with the latest styles for your home, click or tap here.