Express yourself through art with this unique workshop in Bloomfield Hills

Center offers holistic art therapy

Everything from how the tools are used, and the setting and usage of the space, is intentional during workshops at Solstice Healing Art Collective in Bloomfield Hills.

They offer a unique type of therapy, one that incorporates art. “Art Therapy is a mental health modality, a tool we can utilize, just like you would maybe go to a traditional talk therapist to work through emotional challenges, life transitions,” said Taylor Beardsall, a Board Certified Art Therapist, and Co-Owner of Solstice Healing Art Collective.

Beardsall and a group of other women therapist run the center, she says the integrative, holistic approach to therapy has its benefits, “It’s makes it a little clearer about what’s going on internally, it also can help by taking something that’s really heavy or overwhelming that’s in our mind and body and putting it on to the page, the canvas, into the clay.”

She says this can sometimes lead to reliving stress, and helps with self understanding. The center offers individual, and group art therapy as well have an outreach program where they provide services throughout the community.

To learn more about expressive art therapy and to view the entire interview. Click the video above.

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