Man wrongfully convicted? New DNA evidence says yes

Donya Davis walks out of prison after spending last 7 years in prison for rape

DETROIT – Donya Davis has spent the last seven years in prison for rape. Friday night he was walking out of prison after new DNA evidence showed he couldn't possibly be the rapist.

The Cooley Law School Innocence Project took up Davis's case and had new DNA tests done on the sperm found on the victim.

The testing showed Davis couldn't possibly be the woman's attacker.

Davis has maintained his innocence since his arrest in 2006 and said he's not angry over what has happened to him.

"Anger only frustrates things. You (get) angry, your judgment is clouded," Davis said. "You can't think, you can't do anything. So I put the anger behind me and worked on getting home."

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office agreed to allow Davis out while he awaits a new trial because of the new evidence. While in prison, Davis earned his GED and took a variety of other courses, including getting credits toward a paralegal degree.

His first order of business now that he's out? Spending time with his 12 children -- and taking a bath.

Students from Cooley Law's Innocence Project were on hand when he walked out of the Wayne County Jail. Program Director Marla Mitchell-Cichon choked up talking about the case.

"All of my students' hard work, all of my hard work. We put our heart and soul into this and we are so thankful for this day," said Mitchell-Cichon.

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