Thieves target license plate tabs in Michigan

DETROIT – Many metro Detroiters won't even realize their license plate tab has been stolen until months later, which makes it that much more difficult to catch those who are stealing the tabs. 

Lincoln Park police, for instance, have gotten so many complaints lately that they are sending out a new warning. Even though this is an old problem, not all drivers are aware of it. 

Veteran drivers have some advice for preventing the annoying thefts. 

"I take a single-inch razor blade and I cut some lines in (the tab), so if somebody does cut it off the whole thing won't come off," said Jerome Smith. 

Detroit police said while sticker swiping is a problem, the bigger issue is thieves taking the entire license plate. 

So how can you protect your plate?

Go to an auto parts store. They should have locking screws for the plate which could be about $1.95 each. 

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