Fouts, Hackel continue heated public battle after release of audio recording

Mayor Jim Fouts claims released audio recording was engineered

Mayor Jim Fouts released a statement on his Facebook page claiming that Macomb County Executive Hackel "engineered" an audio recording in which you can allegedly hear Fouts speaking poorly of mentally challenged individuals. 

In response to the nasty tape recording released by Mark Hackel. It's clear this an attempt to silence me and intimidate...

Posted by Jim Fouts on Thursday, December 15, 2016

The public feud between two of Macomb County’s top elected officials is turning into a heated online battle of words.

As of recent, Fouts accused Hackel of corruption, while Hackel characterizes Fouts as a “stalker.”

The accusations come after Fouts called on Michigan’s Attorney General to investigate what he called
"illegal dumping" at Freedom Hill Amphitheater.

During a town hall meeting, the two politicians butted heads and didn’t spare any ill words toward each other.
"That's typical Mark Hackel,” said Fouts. “When he doesn't have the facts, he attacks."

“This is a very bizarre way to get my attention,” Hackel said.

Environmental officials said that although Fouts statements were true, the situation was not comparable to the environmental issues in Flint, adding that the claim was an exaggeration. 

Is it now clear that Marck Hackel has encouraged his media friends to go after me. Today I understand he is doing...

Posted by Jim Fouts on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Residents watching the feud, however, were not impressed by the cart wheeling jabs.

“They remind me of little kids,” said Mary Jane, of Macomb County.

The Department of Environmental Quality said in regards to the dumping that is it is ill advised, but not illegal.