Video shows SUV crashing into Fowlerville restaurant

No injuries reported

FOWLERVILLE, Mich. – Surveillance video from inside a Fowlerville restaurant shows an SUV crashing through the wall and into the building.

Customers at Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant can be seen around 6:40 p.m. sitting at a booth near where the SUV went crashing through the wall. The SUV drove all the way across the restaurant floor to the opposite wall before stopping.

Police said a woman was driving to the restaurant with her mother and children in the SUV. She stopped the SUV, but might have accidentally hit the gas, driving into the wall of the building, police said.

Fowlerville police and fire department officials responded to the scene after the crash.

There were no injuries, according to police.

Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant has become a popular stop along I-96 for anyone traveling between Lansing and Metro Detroit. It's recognized by its distinct blue roof. 

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