Chelsea Bruck murder case: Man denies seeing her, then says he accidentally killed her during sex

Daniel Clay admits to choking Chelsea Bruck during sex

MONROE, Mich. – Thursday was the third day of testimony for Daniel Clay, who's accused of killing Chelsea Bruck.

During Thursday's hearing, the jury watched video of two detectives interrogating Clay on April 22, 2016 about Bruck's death.

At the beginning of the interview, Clay denies ever seeing Bruck. By the end, he admitted to choking her during sex until he realized she wasn't breathing.

You can read a transcript of the video interrogation below.

WARNING: Some of the language used and actions described in the interrogation below are explicit and mature and much of the interrogation could be considered offensive. There are also sensitive acts described throughout the interrogation.

After gathering some background information about Clay and having him sign a document, the detectives began the below interview.

Detective: Have you ever heard of Chelsea Bruck?

Clay: Yeah, it's all over the news and stuff. She worked with my kid's mom actually at Olga's.


Detective: We've had over actually 1,137 tips.

Clay: Yeah I know. I was going to say I have seen some stuff in the paper and stuff.

Detective: No. I mean, it's been all over. Somebody that don't know who she is, they have been living under a rock.

Clay: Pretty much.

Detective: Okay, and you came up in one of them tips.

Clay: Okay.

Detective: Alright, so our boss, when he tells us that we got to go out and we got to make contacts --

Clay: Oh, yes. That's fine.

Detective: -- with everybody that comes up in a tip whether they were at the party, not at the party, we've got to talk to them.

Clay: Mhmm.

Detective: That's why we're here talking to you.

Clay: I was at that party for two hours and went back to where I was staying up in Carlton.

Detective: So you were at the party?

Clay: Yes. I seen my kid's mom actually there.

Detective: So she was at the party?

Clay: Mhmm. I wasn't with her there. She was with her new boyfriend. At the time they were just, they had just gotten together. Now they have a kid together.

Detective: So what time did you go to the party?

Clay: About 8, 9. I was out of there about 10 or 11.

Detective: So you went there at 8 or 9?

Clay: Yes.

Detective: It was still daylight?

Clay: It was getting dark. It was October, you know.

Detective: 8 or 9, OK. I understand that you're not going to remember everything because it's been a long time.

Clay: I would say I probably showed up right as it got dark and probably only like two hours that I was there because I started drinking and then -- 


Detective: Who did you go with?

Clay: I don't even remember. I know (name) was supposed to go with me, but he didn't.


Detective: You went by yourself?

Clay: Yes. I seen (name), (name). I was going to get (name) --

Detective: I'm sure you saw a lot of people because there were hundreds of people.

Clay: I was going to give (name) a ride home. Then when I went to leave, I was talking to my baby mama, hopped in the car, talked to her and left.

Detective: When you say baby mama, you mean (name)?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: You have another baby mama, right?

Clay: Yeah. She was being pissy. She followed me out to my car and was saying something to me and then she was just being pissy.

Detective: When was this that you saw her?

Clay: As I was leaving.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I seen her the whole time I was there. I was pretty much hanging out with her the whole time.

Detective: This is what I do with everybody.

Clay: OK.

Detective: Alright, relax

Clay: I'm trying to remember.

Detective: I know it's a long time ago. Let's rewind to, how did you -- did you get invited? Did you get invited by (the host)?

Clay: No. My baby mama, is like, 'I'm going there. Do you want to come?'

Detective: So just word of mouth?

Clay: Yes.

Detective: Do you know (the host)?

Clay: I met him before like forever ago

Detective: Did you guys go to school together by chance?

Clay: I think he went to Jefferson too. I just know him through people, you know, like through my baby mama. I'm pretty sure. Because it was her and then (name) was supposed to go with me, him and his girlfriend. I forgot what her name was. They ended up deciding, we're just going to go to bed, blah,blah, blah. I'm like, 'Alright. I'm just going to check it out.' They gave me the address. I went up there.

Detective: Were you dressed as anything? Just plain clothes?

Clay: Shorts and T-shirt.

Detective: You weren't like Peter Pan or something?

Clay: No, I did see -- I do remember a girl there that was dressed up like Alice in Wonderland.

Detective: So plain clothes?

Clay: Yes. Probably shorts and a T-shirt. I'm a shorts person.

Detective: Even when it's cold out like that, you still wear shorts?

Clay: I sweat a lot. Until it starts getting to like 40 degree temperature, I'm like, 'Umm, I'm good.'

 Detective: So you drove yourself?

Clay: Yes.

Detective: What did you go in?

Clay: My friend's car. (Name.) I don't talk to her anymore. It was just this girl I lived with. I might have actually had (baby mama)'s car that day.


Clay: I can't remember where -- I'm pretty sure I went back to (name)'s house, which is (name)'s house.

Detective: Hold on. Let's keep it focused here. Alright. The car?

Clay: I'm pretty sure I had (baby mama)'s car.

Detective: What kind of car was it?

Clay: Ford Fusion.

Detective: So you drove a Ford Fusion?

Clay: A silver Ford Fusion.

The court took a break in the video.

Detective: So you're at the party, you're hanging out with (baby mama). Who else do you see?

Clay: Not really many other people that I remember. (Name.) I think (name). That's the kid that's in the picture with Chelsea. Because I remember saying, 'Oh, that's (name). I know him.' I only seen him for a minute.

Detective: OK. Did you ever see Chelsea?

Clay: Not that I know of. I don't know who she was. You know, someone like that is not going to stick out to me. You know how many people were at that party?

Detective: Yeah, like 1,000.

Detective: I would guess maybe there were 2,000 at least.

Clay: Really? When I showed up, I never even -- I pulled in and like the fire, the big stack of wood was here. I was like the second car from the stack of wood, you know.

Detective: I'm surprised your car didn't get burnt up.

Clay: It was like 50 feet out is where they had the cars started. Everybody was just chillin' all in that big area over by the tent. I assumed it was just like music playing in the tent. I didn't realize it was a band, otherwise, I would have probably gone in and mosh pitted. I was the second car out there.

Detective: OK, that's fine.

Clay: I wandered around by that spot. I didn't know a lot of people.

Detective: You talked to a couple people but, did you ever see Chelsea? Anybody dressed in ivy?

Clay: No. Not that I know of.

Detective: I mean, she probably would have stood out if you saw her.

Clay: Yeah, but it's also been two years. I think I, like, I think I seemed to remember, like, when this first started coming in the news and stuff that I remembered seeing her, like that -- the leafy shirt thing.

Detective: Yeah, Poison Ivy.

Detective: It's pretty distinct.

Clay: I remember seeing that, but just seeing her at the party.

Detective: I mean, did you know what Chelsea looked like prior to the party?

Clay: Not prior to. Like afterwards because it was like four days, five days later I went to go pick up (name), which is my oldest son from (name). She's like, 'Do you know that my girl that I worked with, you know, come up missing blah, blah, blah, blah?'

Detective: So you never met her?

Clay: Never met her at the party. Never seen her at her work. Never -- 

Detective: At Olga's?

Clay: Yeah. I did go into Olga's a few times to see (name), but I don't remember seeing her there either, you know.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I mean, if she's not super hot or something like that, I don't pay attention. I'm shallow a little bit. I'm not going to lie.

Detective: I understand. No, that's fine. So while you're at the party, you don't ever remember seeing Chelsea?

Clay: No.

Detective: Never talked to her, never did anything at all?

Clay: No. I left there and --

Detective: Hold on. When did you leave?

Clay: Probably about an hour and a half, two hours after I got there. When I got there, it was right when it was getting dark.

Detective: So 8 or 9?

Clay: Yeah. I'm not sure what time it gets dark in October. But I remember, like, literally it had just gotten dark. I was turning and everybody had their lights on and stuff. It was getting a little hard to see and all that because we were pulling into the yard.

Detective: When you say we were pulling in, was it just you?

Clay: All the cars, you know?

Detective: OK.

Clay: And then like, as I was pulling in, you know, you got stopped by, I seen (name). There was another person that worked security. That's what I seen when I was leaving. Because I know most of the people that, like, worked security. I just can't think of who it was. I seen (name) and someone else was pulling out because I stopped and talked to them.

Detective: I mean, it's alright.

Clay: (Name.) I seen him. He got mad because I wouldn't give him a ride.

Detective: OK.

Clay: He had, like, four chicks with him and I'm like, 'Dude I'm not taking you and four chicks somewhere just so I can get stuck with the ugly one.' I was just kidding. That's exactly what it was.


Detective: Alright so (name) got mad at you because you wouldn't give him a ride?

Clay: Yeah. He's like, 'Oh, dude.'

Detective: Because he wanted you to be his wing man?

Clay: Pretty much. Because he was (name), the kid I was talking about, was his cousin, (name), that I was supposed to go with. Then I just happened to see (name) there.

Detective: When you saw (name), where were you when you were talking to him, was it by the fire, or was it like --

Clay: Yeah we were talking over by the fire pit area. Then as I was walking, like, to my car, I got in. I went to go pull out and I remember getting like 20 feet from where I parked and he come walking up by the car, and he seen me. He was like, 'Dude, you can't give us a ride home?' And I'm like, 'Nope.'

Detective: So you're driving out and he is kind of walking up?

Clay: He is watching me and I'm like, 'Nope, I'm good. Bye. Have a nice day. I'm not going to deal with that.'

Detective: Right.

Clay: It was already like 10, 11.

Detective: So it was 10, 11 that you left?

Clay: If I got there at 8, I would say about 10. 8 to 9, 10 to 11. I know I wasn't there that long.

Detective: So you left at 10 or 11. Were you by yourself, did you leave with anyone?

Clay: I was by myself. I talked to (baby mama) and then I talked to (name) as I was pulling out.

Detective: So you left -- you were alone?

Clay: Mhmm.

Detective: When you arrived, you were alone?

Clay: Mhmm.

Detective: OK. And you were a little buzzed when you left but not too bad? You made it?

Clay: Not too bad.

Detective: You made it. You weren't locked up for drunk driving or anything?

Clay: No

Detective: OK. At this party, you don't remember seeing Chelsea, never said --

Clay: Like, I feel like I remember her. Like I said, I remember a few days later when I heard about it and everything. I remember seeing her there but --

Detective: I mean, I can understand. So maybe possibly. I understand you're drinking and that --

Clay: I possibly seen her.

Detective: -- there was all kinds of people.

Clay: The only girl that really sticks out at that party besides my baby mama was the chick in the Alice in Wonderland costume. She was a big, tall chick.

Detective: I have heard stories. I heard somebody talk about her before.

Clay: At one point I literally picked her up on my shoulders and carried her and then I found out she has a boyfriend. I was so pissed.

Detective: Yeah, you're not the only one that has mentioned Alice in Wonderland.

Clay: That's what bummed me. I'm pretty sure that's why I left. I'm like, 'Dude, all right. F--- it. I have been sitting here flirting with this chick for 30 minutes. She's been flirting with me, doing shots with me, talking to me and stuff, all about me and she --

Detective: You're doing shots with her?

Clay: She was drinking her own s---. I think she had like, I don't even remember. I know she had something because I remember cheers-ing her a couple times.

Detective: Got you. So, Chelsea, I just wanted to, because you may have saw something that you may not think is --

Clay: At this point, you know, like, I don't remember seeing anything like super suspicious.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I mean, I pretty much --

Detective: Because the littlest thing to you may be a huge thing to us.

Clay: I sat there, like, talked to (baby mama) because I seen her. It was literally like two minutes after I got there I seen (baby mama). I talked to her. I talked to (name). I talked to (name). Wandered around for a little bit, you know, did my few drinks. I remember talking to (name) when I left. I don't really -- I feel like I seen her that night because I remember talking to (baby mama) about this. I'm like, 'Yeah, I think I remember we were talking about' -- but I don't, like --

Detective: You never had any contact with her? Talked to her?

Detective: She was asking people for their phone because she had to use their phone. Did she ever like ask you to use your cellphone?

Clay: I don't even -- no, no, my phone was dead mostly.

Detective: So if you would have saw her, it would have been at a distance?

Clay: I mean, I could have walked right past her for all I know. It's been, what, almost like two years.

Detective: No, I understand. I think you would remember talking to her?

Clay: Yeah, I would remember talking to her. I don't -- I didn't talk to her.

Detective: OK

Clay: I just remember the party because, you know, the whole thing that happened.

Detective: I know.

Clay: Everyone remembers that night.

Detective: I mean, that's my main thing is just you may have seen her, which is fine. I mean, hundreds of people saw her there.

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: Alright, but if you had contact with her, I need to know.

Clay: Yeah. As far as I, like, can remember, I don't think I even said a word to her. I don't think I remember like even getting close to her. I just feel like I remember seeing the Poison Ivy outfit and maybe thinking, 'Oh, well, that's cool' or something, because there wasn't many people in costumes. There was a lot of people wearing just regular clothes. That's why I showed up in just regular clothes. My buddy is like, 'Dude, like, let's dress up like chicks and we'll go and blah, blah, blah,' (name). That is who I was originally supposed to go with. And then, like, at 6 he was like, 'Oh, dude, I don't want to go now. I'm going to stay here with her.' He was all into his girlfriend.

Detective: So when you left at 10, where did you go from there?

Clay: Back to where I was staying. I dropped (name)'s car off and then went to (name)'s, which is in Americana.

Detective: So you left, you dropped (name)'s car off at Pear?

Clay: Yes.

Detective: So you left the party, and went up to Pear?

Clay: Mhmm.

Detective: And from Pear --

Clay: I went to Americana.

Detective: Did you go into the trailer or did you just drop the car off and go?

Clay: I dropped the car off and talked with her for a minute and left.

Detective: So you went in and talked and made contact with her. What time do you think this was?

Clay: Probably like 11. I didn't have her car for long. I only had it for a few hours.

Detective: Alright, so you go, you drop the car off, it's right around 11, you talk to her for a few minutes. Then you leave there and go to an Americana?

Clay: Yeah. I had her drop me off at Americana.

Detective: Oh, she dropped you off there?

Clay: Yeah. At (name)'s, where I was staying at the time. It was just this chick I stayed with with my buddy (name).


Detective: So what time did she drop you off at (address), just an approximate?

Clay: Probably about 11.

Detective: Right about 11?

Clay: After I left, I went back to her house, you know, met up with her. She drove me over there. Pretty sure we smoked a joint and hung out out.

Detective: So then she drops you off there. What do you do from there?

Clay: Pretty much sat there and got drunk and went to bed.


Detective: After you left the party, did you stop anywhere else in between, say, leaving the party and going over to (name)'s. The gas station or anything like that?

Clay: No. I went straight to (name)'s.

Detective: You said you took some back roads on the way home or something?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: Do you remember what roads you took at all?

Clay: I don't know. I just remember -- I don't remember. Isn't it like in Newport? I remember that. It was probably Post Road.


Detective: So you know when you left and you went -- I'm sure you watched the news. It was all over the news.

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: At the time I was vacationing in Florida watching in, you know, like I was investigating it, but then I went (on vacation) with my family and I turn the TV on and there it is.

Clay: It's on there. Yeah. All those fliers. That was crazy.

Detective: So her body, where we found her body was Briar Hill Road. Are you familiar with Briar Hill Road?

Clay: I know it's near where (baby mama) lives. It's a couple miles back.

Detective: Have you ever been there?

Clay: I might have rode down it, like smoking or something.

Detective: It's kind of a hangout spot where people will smoke or they'll take a date

Clay: That road, isn't it connected to the road right next to the racetrack? Because I go down that road all the time. I drive right down Newburgh to where the one road is cement on the left and it goes dirt on the front. Is that the cement road? Is that the one you're talking about? There's a school at one end?

Detective: Yes.

Clay: So I've been back there. Like, we always would drive down Newburgh. We get to that corner, we bust a Uie and we come back.

Detective: Did you ever go down the train tracks or anything?

Clay: No.

Detective: Did you ever go back, there are ponds back there.

Clay: I've never been, like, out of a car back there.

Detective: So you never partied back in there or anything?

Clay: I don't know anyone that lives back there or anything.

Detective: Alright, now, away about Peters Road in Flat Rock where -- there was a costume and her wig.

Clay: What's that nearby?

Detective: That's off of Flat Rock. Deerfield Estates. It's a trailer park.


Clay: I know where that Deerfield Estates is. I've drove by there hundreds of times.

Detective: I mean, the place, you would have known if you had been there, you know what I mean? There is like a big party spot back there also.

Clay: No, I don't like, I don't party out in the woods and stuff. I party at my house.

Detective: That's another place people go. It's an old abandoned building. People go there. They smoke. They have sex. Do you remember ever being there before when you were younger?

Clay: Up until I met (baby mama), I never really went to Flat Rock. When I went to Flat Rock, most of my Flat Rock experience is driving down Telegraph to West Road, West Road to Hanlon Road, Hanlon Road up to Allen Park. She worked at (a restaurant) in Allen Park. That's pretty much all I know of that area. ... I'm a Monroe person. I spend all my time down there.

Detective: I understand. You know, these are just questions we ask everybody.

Clay: Oh, yeah.

Detective: We got this information. We've got to ask everybody.

Clay: Trust me, if it was my daughter, you know, making sure -- 

Detective: What do you have, a daughter?

Clay: Two sons.

Detective: You have two sons.

Clay: That made me -- If I, my kid, was ever missing, I'd die.

Detective: It's the same thing.

Clay: I couldn't live through it.

Detective: It's the same thing. I have children, We all have children. Do anything for our children, right? Anything. Die for our children, you know. I know any one of us would in here.

Clay: It's a scary thing that we live in this world like that.

Detective: So up there, Peters, where Deerfield Estates is, there is a place behind it. There are some buildings. Have you ever been in any of them buildings?

Clay: Not to my knowledge.

Detective: I mean, you would know if you have been there.

Clay: That's what I'm saying, not to my -- I've never -- as far as I know, I've never been back there.

Detective: I mean, it's a big party spot.

Clay: I don't party and stuff like that, though.

Detective: OK.

Clay: When I partied, before I turned 21 I partied. It was all in Monroe. After I had my oldest son, I moved up to Flat Rock, had my youngest son with her and I pretty much spent four years doing nothing. My partying was sitting at home and inviting friends over. I don't like going out to random places. If I can't party at home where I can get my drink on and smoke on and then pass out, it's not worth it to me.

Detective: Alright. If I don't ask that question, maybe you forget. Maybe you saw someone there. Maybe there was a party there. You know what I mean? Maybe you saw something that was so small, you thought, that would be huge for us. 

Clay: I understand.

Detective: That's why I asked.

Clay: I just can't think of anything, like, that would be beneficial.


Detective: I'm going to draw this for you to clarify. This is Telegraph. This is Deerfield Estates, because it's huge, OK? This is Vreeland. This is Peters Road. It runs off of Vreeland and it goes like this. There is an entrance back here. This is a dirt road.

Clay: I mean, I've probably been down Vreeland. I probably went past that road.

Detective: Where I'm talking about, the part spot, it's like a big hill right here. Then back here there are big buildings like a barn, and you could, you know, people party in these. There's a building right here, OK?

Clay: OK.

Detective: Some of her clothing was in this building we found right here.

Clay: To my knowledge, I have never been back there. I'm not -- I don't even think I have ever seen that.


Clay: I know where you're talking about, like off of the road where they found her body.

Detective: Briar Hill?

Clay: I remember, like, when that happened, my kid's mom was like, 'Do you know they just found her body three miles from here, two miles from here?' I remember that because I always go down (Newburgh). I always used to go down that and smoke. When I get off work at, like, 7 in the morning, I go and I just cruise down that road, smoke me a joint, go home.

Detective: I appreciate your honest. I do. I appreciate you being honest.

Clay: I mean, I'm not going to get in trouble for drinking or smoking. I'm not going to -- you've got more important stuff to worry about.


Detective: Is there any information that you think would help me?

Clay: Not really. I mean, I know some of the areas. I was at the party, but I don't remember like, I remember seeing the shirt. I feel like I remember, you know, back then seeing it and then being like, 'Oh, well, I seen her, I think.' That's about it.

Detective: I mean, hundreds of people saw her.

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: Was there anything suspicious?

Clay: I don't remember seeing her with anyone specifically or anything like that. I don't remember, you know --

Detective: She was never with you at any time?

Clay: No.

Detective: You never met her prior to the party?

Clay: No. I mean I could have met her -- I could have met her at Olga's with my -- when I went up there to see (baby mama). I never said anything to her.

Detective: Do you ever date at all? Did you guys ever date?

Clay: No.

Detective: Did you guys ever date ever? I know she was pretty big on Facebook. Did you ever communicate with Chelsea on Facebook or text message?

Clay: No, because I even thought about it. I was like, 'No.'


Detective: So I have one more question. Have you ever had sex with her?

Clay: No, never. No. I don't even -- I've never even flirted with her, never talked to her.

Detective: Never? No (oral sex) or anything?

Clay: No. Trust me, I'm a man whore. I remember every chick I have ever slept with for the most part. Yeah.

The detectives then left the room for a few minutes. They brought Clay a bottle of water, then left the room again. Then they returned to continue the interview.

Detective: I've just got some follow-up questions. ... Couple follow-up questions.


Clay: I want to help you guys as much as I can, you know?

Detective: Facebook, would you be -- do you have Facebook?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: OK Would you be will to let me look into your Facebook?

Clay: Like, what do you mean? Like go through my messages or whatever? Yeah, as long as I'm with you, I don't mind.

Detective: We want to see if you ever talked to her.


Detective: So let's get back on point here. We're talking about one female and we're talking about sex.

Clay: OK.

Detective: You told me you never had sex with Chelsea Bruck.

Clay: Never had sex, never did nothing with her.

Detective: Would there be any reason that your DNA would be with Chelsea Bruck?

Clay: No.

Detective: Or on her clothes, or in her hair?

Clay: Not to my knowledge.

Detective: Or anywhere on her body?

Clay: No.

Detective: OK. Do you understand what DNA is?

Clay: Yes, I understand.

Detective: Tell me what (it is).

Clay: Blood, even everybody's is eifferent.

Detective: What about semen?

Clay: Everybody's is different.

Detective: It's DNA?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: Spit?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: DNA?

Clay: Yeah

Detective: Skin cells? When you tough something?

Clay: I know what DNA is. I'm relatively smart.


Detective: And there is no reason any DNA of yours should be on Chelsea Bruck?

Clay: No.

Detective: On her clothes, on her hair, anything like that?

Clay: No.

Detective: OK. My next question to that, we have asked everybody, OK? Everybody. If they would be willing to consent to a DNA buccal swab?

Clay: Yeah. They actually just did one for me like a month and a half ago. So mine -- when they arrested me for the bookbag, they said it was a felony, they did me one then. So -- 

Detective: I don't know where that went, but this is specifically for this case.

Clay: Yeah, bring it on.

The detectives described the form for consenting to a buccal swab to Clay.

Detective: On the Chelsea case, about a guy who was in a video at the party dancing around, we were trying to identify him.

Clay: Oh, on. I don't remember seeing that. I didn't see that.

Detective: OK. So it's safe to say that you and (the man) aren't, like, good friends?

Clay: No.

Detective: Or hangout buddies or drinking buddies?

Clay: I might have met him somewhere, but I don't know.

Detective: Or threesome buddies or foursome buddies?

Clay: No, nothing like that. I might have heard something from him -- about him from somebody else. I think that's what it is.

Detective: Alright, so I know we talked about a lot, Daniel, and I know it's been awhile, alright? And I have been straight up with you.

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: OK? Straight up. I mean, I'm not hiding... and I hope that you've been straight up with me.

Clay: Yeah. Trust me, I got kids.

Detective: But there's some other information that's out there, alright, that I have asked, and I think it's not been the whole truth.

Clay: OK, like what?

Detective: When we're talking about the whole truth, we're talking about contact with Chelsea.

Clay: OK.

Detective: I have reason to believe, I have information that you had contact with Chelsea.

Clay: At that party or something?

Detective: Yes.

Clay: I might have seen her. I don't remember, though.

Detective: When I say, remember I clarified, you might have seen her?

Clay: I said I might have seen her.

Detective: When I say contact, I mean physical contact.

Clay: Oh, no.

Detective: OK. What if I told you that your DNA was on her?

Clay: I don't know how my DNA got on her.

Detective: OK.

Clay: Like, no way, no nothing, no how.

Detective: What if I told you that her DNA, or your DNA, was on her?

Clay: Then why did you just take my DNA again -- you had to have my DNA from before? I don't -- my DNA --

Detective: I'm not -- listen Daniel, I'm not trying to trick you. I'm looking you straight in your face, alright? I will actually show you, alright, what I have from the crime lab.

Clay: OK.

Detective: And I am telling you that your DNA is on there.

Clay: I have no idea how.

Detective: So we need to figure out how it got there.

Clay: I have no idea.

Detective: Nobody can, I mean, that just doesn't show up. OK? So we need to -- right here it needs to happen.

Clay: I have no idea. Serious.

Detective: It's fine.

Clay: It freaks me out a little bit.

Detective: Well it freaks me out too. It really, truly, honestly does. It freaks me out. OK? But I need to know. Your DNA was found on her.

Clay: No idea.

Detective: OK, you had to be with her. You know why, because it's one in kazillion. It's one in kazillion that your DNA was on her.

Clay: Like what kind of DNA? Like a hair or something?

Detective: DNA. Like fluid DNA.

Clay: I have no idea. I really do not have --

Detective: Do you believe me?

Clay: IF that's what you're saying, I guess.

Detective: I'm asking, do you believe me?

Clay: I guess, yeah.

Detective: I am not tricking you. There is nothing. I am straight up.

Clay: I have no idea how my DNA got on her.

Detective: So I need to know, alright, did you -- and you're a ladies' man --

Clay: I don't have to do anything stupid to get v-----. I get enough v----- elsewhere.

Detective: OK, so listen. You're the ladies' man. If something happened, something happened. Hear me out. At the party -- now I know Chelsea Bruck. We know Chelsea Bruck. Very. OK. We know Chelsea Bruck. I'm telling you, your DNA is on her.

Clay: I have no idea how.

Detective: Your DNA is on her, Daniel.

Clay: I really do not know how.

Detective: So at some time you came in contact with her.

Clay: I don't know how. Could it be like spit or something or is it like semen DNA?

Detective: It's not spit.

Clay: Like how --

Detective: I'm not quite sure how your spit would be on her if you weren't --

Clay: I don't know, that's what I'm saying. I could have walked by talking or something.

Detective: But we're not talking about a brush. It's not a brush.

Clay: Alright.

Detective: I would have already told you that. That is not -- no, your DNA was on her.

Detective: I'm just trying to confirm that we got your DNA on Chelsea, and I'm asking you how it got there.

Clay: I have no idea.

Detective: I am not tricking you.

Clay: OK. I really have no idea.

Detective: Right here you see this? You see your name right here? This is the DNA specimen and this is your name. Your specimen matched up to DNA on hers, on her costume. OK? You mentioned to me about getting a sample. You're correct, you just gave us one. You mentioned earlier about submitting a sample.

Clay: Yes.

Detective: I'm being straight up with you. When you submit that sample -- 

Clay: It gets tested.

Detective: That's what happened

Clay: OK. That's why the cops come out so fast to look for me.

Detective: So I'm here. It's time. If you had contact, which you did --

Clay: I did not.

Detective: You did.

Clay: No.

Detective: Because your DNA was on her costume. You did have contact with her. So let me ask you -- we're going to go back, alright? Now we're going to go and we're going to talk about family.


Detective: I want you to think. I want you to think back of family, children.

Clay: OK.

Detective: Chelsea was someone's child, as well as you have a child.

Clay: I know.

Detective: You have two children. I have two children. Same thing. And this comes up and you tell me that no, you never had any contact on her, but your DNA was on her stuff.

Clay: I don't know how.

Detective: I'm just telling you, it was there. Listen to me, you know how, only you know. Only you know how. Well, ultimately, it's up to you to tell. Your children, OK, I do not want your children wondering what their dad did.

Clay: Nothing.

Detective: I'm just telling you because it's out there. It's going to be out there. So much speculation, OK, as to what happened. We can only hold stuff for so long and then the media can FOIA it. So when they FOIA  it and they find out that Daniel Clay's DNA was on her stuff, I mean, you know how people are. They're going to want to hand out down here.

Clay: I know.

Detective: But that's where you can stop that. You can stop that. You can stop that and tell me what happened, how your DNA got on her costume.

Clay: I have no idea. I really don't.

Detective: You had contact with her.

Clay: No.

Detective: You did. I'm telling you that. I'm not guessing, I'm not making anything up, alright? It's here. I'm not making anything up. You see it. I showed you.

Clay: The whole time, I have no idea.

Detective: But your DNA was on her stuff.

Clay: I don't know how.

Detective: So you came in contact with her. Did you kill her? You never heard me say you killer her. Never.

Clay: No. I didn't do anything to that girl.

Detective: But you came in contact with her.

Clay: At the part I might have, but I didn't do anything with her. I could have -- unless I had something on me and I touched her somehow or something.

Detective: OK, So hold on. At the party you might have --

Clay: I had sex before the party, I could have had something f------ on me from somewhere.

Detective: Did you have sex with her before the party?

Clay: No. I had sex with somebody else. I forget. What was her name? Amber, something like that. I don't know. That was not long before the party. No, I did not.

Detective: You never had sex with Chelsea at the party?

Clay: No.

Detective: Before the party? After the party?

Clay: Nothing. I didn't even know her.

Detective: You understand I gave you -- I'm being truthful. I gave you that opportunity to tell me if you ever had contact.


Detective: If things happened differently that night than what we think happened, we need to hear that from you. She was at one point -- did you give her a ride?

Clay: No.

Detective: She was left at the party, stranded without her ride. Were you trying to be a nice guy and give her a ride?

Clay: No. I left by myself. (Name) seen me in the car by myself and (name) seen me in the car by myself as I was leaving.

Detective: This is what I think happened --

Clay: I'm leaving by myself. I showed up myself, everything.

Detective: Can I tell you what I think happened?

Clay: Sure.

Detective: Just hear me out. It's not going to hurt anything, right? I have looked into it. We have been investigating this for a long time. I'm going to tell you, it's no -- it's no surprise. It's no coincidence. It's not a brush, alright? Your DNA was on her stuff. But hear me out, alright? You said you left the party and you possibly went down War Road, maybe -- just hear me out -- you left the party by yourself, I'm not disputing that at all. But I think possibly, maybe you picked her up.

Clay: No.

Detective: Just hear me out. You picked her up, maybe along War Road is my guess. And you had been drinking. You're a ladies man, you told me yourself. So you see her.

Clay: I don't know.

Detective: I know you don't know, but I'm telling you. I'm telling you. I think you two had sex, alright? I'm telling you, I think you two had sex. But her death, I don't know if that was you or someone else. I don't know.

Clay: It's not me.


Detective: Where the DNA was recovered from her leotard --

Clay: What's a leotard, like the pants or the top?

Detective: That Poison Ivy thing, OK? The DNA came from there, and they're telling us that you had to have contact. Not accidental contact.

Clay: I didn't. I didn't.

Detective: But I think you did, Daniel. The thing is, remember I told you before, in this room is where it's going to happen, OK?

Clay: Yes.

Detective: Where it's going to happen, the truth. You tell me the truth and I go over there and say, 'Daniel told me the truth. He had sex with her, he dropped her off in Frenchtown Villa' --

Clay: I didn't have sex with her.

Detective: Or, 'He dropped her off at Americana.'

Clay: I didn't have sex with her. I didn't give her a ride anywhere. I left by myself and went home by myself.

Detective: OK. After you got -- did she come --

Clay: No, I don't even have her on Facebook, I've never messaged her. Call Facebook, get a warrant, whatever you want to do. I've never called, messaged, nothing that girl. Nothing. I had no problem getting laid when I wanted to get laid. I had somebody I was messing around with at that point.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I got enough sex.

Detective: The thing is, Daniel, is I'm not -- you're not a bad guy. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: You're not a bad guy. If you were a bad guy, don't you think I would be in here screaming and hollering and throwing stuff? We're not going to get anywhere like that. Not at all.

Clay: No.

Detective: But I need to figure out what happened. Like I said before, I do not think you're a bad guy whatsoever. I have done a lot of digging on you. You may have done some dumb mistakes, alright? But I don't think that you're a bad guy. Look at you. You take care of yourself, you're not on drugs. Nothing like that.

Clay: Stupid tattoos.

Detective: You may run into some crazy women, right?

Clay: Right.

Detective: I know myself that Chelsea was crazy.

Clay: I don't know her. I don't know anything about her. Nothing.

Detective: But you, not being a bad guy, I think something happened. I think something happened. I think it was a mistake. Are you that -- are you that predator that is running around killing a bunch of people? No. 

Clay: I never killed anyone.

Detective: We would have talked to you a long time ago because your DNA would have been in the system a long time ago. Right. Your DNA just got entered into the system, that's why we have this. You following me?

Clay: Mhmm

Detective: I don't think that you're that monster, you're that bad guy. I think something happened. It was a mistake. It was an accident, and it happened.

Clay: I did not do anything to that girl. Did not. I'm telling you.

Detective: Chelsea made some mistakes that night. OK. She was very irresponsible. She went to the party without arranging a ride home. She didn't have her phone. She got s--- faced. She was very irresponsible.

Clay: I know.

Detective: She was at this party, left without a ride. She was asking people for rides, OK? So either, No. 1, she was abducted from this party, taken against her will, or No. 2, somebody was trying to help her out and give her a ride. I think that she approached you for a ride and even offered to have sex with you for this ride, becaue you're trying to help her out. She needs a ride home.

Clay: I was seen leaving by myself though.

Detective: Maybe she was down the road a little bit. She left the party without a ride. I think that you were trying to help her out. I don't think you abducted her from the party. I don't think you would do that. It would have created a scene. People would have seen that. I think you were trying to help her out and give her a ride because you somewhat know her through (baby mama).

Clay: I don't know her through (baby mama). I just knew she worked with (baby mama).

Detective: You were trying to help her out and give her a ride and then things changed. We need to know what exactly happened, OK? Where did you pick her up at?

Clay: I did not do anything with her. I did not pick her up.


Detective: How did your DNA get on that girl?

Clay: I have no idea.

Detective: That is the million-dollar question. That is the million-dollar question of how did your DNA get where it was found? It wasn't a brush. It wasn't. I would tell you. I'm being straight up with you. I'm showing you the laboratory reports. I'm being straight up with you there is no brush. We can't do that, alright? People accidentally bump people all the time.

Detective: These are specific areas on her costume from that night that would not be from a brush.

Clay: I have no idea. I really don't know.

Detective: And the thing is, Daniel, I mean, this is it. You know what I mean? This would be the only time that we're going to sit down and talk. This needs to be clarified, and like I told you before, only you can clarify. Honestly, it was two people at the time, but only one is still around to speak of --

Clay: Yeah. I don't know. I really don't.

Detective: I know a million things are going through your head.

Clay: My life is -- it looks like it's getting f----- up.

Detective: Listen. Listen, alright. I'm not here to f--- you. Not at all. I'm here to get truth.

Clay: I know.

Detective: I'm not here to f--- you at all.

Clay: I get that.


Clay: I have no idea, sir.

Detective: I don't either. That's why we need to know. That's why I need to know. I need to know. I really do. Did you kill her? I don't know.

Clay: No I did not. I didn't do anything to her.

Detective: I will believe you with that. But I don't believe that you didn't have contact with her.

Clay: I didn't do anything with her.

Detective: More happened that night than you're telling us. We know that, you know that.

Clay: I have no idea how that got there. I really don't I'm telling you this. I do not -- to my knowledge -- I don't remember ever having sex with her or doing anything with her.

Detective: Let me stop you really quick. Daniel, Daniel, look at me. 'To my knowledge' is not a definite.

Clay: OK, well, like, if I was f----- up and don't remember. I don't really get that f----- up.

Detective: But that's why I asked you, how f----- up were you?

Clay: I was drunk, but not drunk drunk. I was still, I remember driving home. I didn't crash or nothing. I had to be sober enough to do that.

Detective: That's why I asked you. I gave you the opportunity. That's why I asked, 'How f----- up were you?' Were you so intoxicated you didn't know what was going on? Could you have had sex with her and thought it was somebody else?

Clay: Not to my knowledge. Not to my knowledge.

Detective: But is there a possibility?

Clay: It's a possibility I could have been doing something with her at that party that I don't remember. I went home alone. I went home alone, I specifically remember because (name) even told me the next day. He was like, 'Dude, I watched you pulling out of here alone and Matt said you showed up here a half an hour later.'

Detective: So let me ask you, this is no tricks, alright? I'm clarifying what you're telling me, OK?

Clay: OK.

Detective: You could have been f----- up at that party.

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: I know she was f----- up. She was carrying around a wine bottle, drinking out of a wine bottle. There's a picture of her holding a big a-- wine bottle. She is tripping on s---. She's puking everywhere. The thing is, you're drinking, he's drinking, it's dark. Your DNA is on her. Is there a possibility -- 

Clay: I mean, there is a possibility --

Detective: -- that you had sex with her?

Clay: There is a possibility.

Detective: OK. But that possibility -- 

Clay: I was f---- up at that party. I remember getting there, getting f----- up, being there for a couple hours. I remember getting in that car and leaving. There was no one else in the car because (name) was litter like from here to where you are standing next to the car looking at it. 'Dude, you got all the room. There is no one with you, come on, take me home. Take me home.' I'm like, 'Dude, I'm going home,' and I went home.

Detective: But let's get back. You left that party alone.

Clay: I did not pick anyone else up.

Detective: But at that party there is a possibility you could have had sex with her.

Clay: If I was that f----- up, I don't know. I don't remember having sex with her. I remember doing a lot of stupid s--- at that party. I know I had sex that day twice. There's a girl named (name) and a girl named f------ --

Detective: Daniel, let me -- you said you don't -- 

Clay: I had sex with (name) the night before.

Detective: You remember everybody else that you f-----.

Clay: I f--- a lot of people. I f----- a lot of people.

Detective: I'm sure you forgot in time. We're talking about this night.

Clay: That night, I had sex that day, yes. I don't, like -- 

Detective: I mean, it's a big event.

Clay: -- not her. It could not have been her. I don't -- 

Detective: It's a big event. 

Clay: I left by myself.

Detective: I'm not discounting that you left by yourself.

Clay: Unless she was around when I did have sex or something or she got in contact -- I don't know.


Detective: When I ask you about Chelsea Bruck and having sex, there's a possibility?

Clay: There is a possibility.

Detective: So that means --

Clay: I had sex with someone that night. I was out in the car and I f----- somebody, and not long later I talked to my baby mama, got in the car and left.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I remember being alone. I remember leaving alone.

Detective: You had sex in the car?

Clay: Yes.

Detective: What car?

Clay: (Baby mama)'s.

Detective: It wasn't somebody else's car? There was hundreds of cars. So it was (name)'s car?

Clay: Yeah. Jumped in the back seat and had sex and jumped out.


Detective: There's a possibility, a likelihood, which I'm 99 percent sure, that it was Chelsea that you had sex with. Because of this. This tells me that girl in the back of your car was Chelsea.

Clay: OK.

Detective: OK. There's no discounting that.

Clay: I didn't realize that I had sex with her and then she disappeared like that.

Detective: Right, but I need to know, you had sex with her in the back of the car. What happened after you guys had sex?

Clay: She got out, I talked to my baby mama. She got out, I got out, I talked to my baby mama, she disappeared and I left.


Clay: When you guys first brought me in here and I started thinking about it, I don't remember who I had sex with that night. I know I was f----- up and I had sex with someone. I have always wondered if it could have been her or not. And then you guys called me in here and freaked me out. I didn't want to say I had sex with somebody and find out it's her and then, you know, she disappeared. I know I left alone. I know I didn't do anything. I don't even know where the f--- her costume was found. I don't know where the other spot is, like that area. I don't know where she was found along there.

Detective: See, the thing is, you remembered. I mean, it's coming back that you had sex with her.

Clay: I knew I had sex with somebody. Honestly, I didn't think it was her. It was a dark-haired thick chick.


Detective: So after having sex with her -- 

Clay: If that's who I had sex with.

Detective: That's who you had sex with. There is no denying it.

Clay: OK.

Detective: There is no discounting it. You had sex with Chelsea Bruck in the back seat of the car. OK?

Clay: OK.


Clay: Whoever I had sex with it was like a quick wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.

Detective: Was she like, 'Choke me'?

Clay: No. I barely said two words to her. We just f-----. From what I can remember, it was a blur.


Detective: So the thing is, Daniel, is you had sex with Chelsea Bruck at the party, which is not bad. It's not bad --

Clay: It's a bad coincidence.

Detective: It's one h--- of a coincidence, but it's not bad. ... The thing is all this stuff, Daniel, is out on the news and you had a good idea that is was Chelsea Bruck you had sex with.

Clay: Honestly, I didn't even think about it until like weeks later.

Detective: Were you worried? Were you scared, like, 'Oh, God, I just had sex with her and that girl is missing'?

Clay: Not really because I didn't really think about it being her. I had sex with somebody. It never really ... because I didn't do anything bad to the girl, so I know that. So I'm like, I'm OK. I didn't think about it. I just had sex with somebody. I had sex with so many people around that time it was ridiculous. I kind of went on a whoring spree. I had been single for six months and literally I was out every week f------ someone new.


Detective: The thing is, Daniel, I'm trying to believe you -- 

Clay: I know, I shouldn't have lied about having sex. I didn't think about it.

Detective: I'm trying to believe you. I really, truly am. It's really difficult for me to believe. It really, truly is. I'm being honest with you. I'm speaking to you man to man.

Clay: There is a lot of people that had sex at that party and s---.

Detective: I know, I know. But your DNA was on her. Nobody else's DNA was. ... Out of all people, your DNA was on her.

Clay: Yeah, it makes me look f-----. My life is f-----. No matter what I say, it's never going to matter.

Detective: Yes it does matter. Yes it does matter.

Clay: The only thing I have is (name) seen me when I left. (Name) seen me when I left because I stopped and gave him a little fist love or whatever and then I left.

Detective: I'm (trying to believe) your whole story.

Clay: I'm telling the truth now -- that I had sex with somebody. I didn't really hide it. I didn't want to say something in case it was her.

Detective: But now I know you had sex with someone in the back of the car and it was Chelsea.

Clay: I had sex with two someones that day in the back of the car.

Detective: At the party it was one and it wasn't Chelsea the first time you had sex in the back of the car?

Clay: No. The second time I'm assuming it was Chelsea because it was a dark-haired chick. I didn't know she was dark-haired. The only picture I have ever seen is the one where she has got blonde hair and stuff.


Detective: The thing now is, knowing what kind of vehicle it is, what would I tell you if that description of that vehicle was seen up on Briar Hill that night? I'm just asking, what would you say?

Clay: I would say, 'OK then,' because I didn't drive it anywhere from that party -- it might not even have been her vehicle, to be honest. It could have been (name)'s vehicle I had that night, but I feel like it was (name)'s. (Name)'s is a little green Misubishi, I want to say. Because that would be the car -- actually you can ask (name). It might be in her car. There is a 50/50 chance -- you can check.

Detective: I'm going to. The thing is, that description was seen there. That's why I think it was (name)'s car.

Clay: OK.

Detective: But I need to know what you were doing there.

Clay: I was not in Briar Hill. I would not have gone -- if I had her car, I was not driving it anywhere besides to that party and back. And honestly, if it's -- I don't feel like I -- I --

Detective: Listen, Daniel. I need to know what happened.

Clay: It's two years ago. ... But I never went nowhere with the car. I left by myself.

Detective: You told me yourself you drove down Briar Hill.

Clay: Which one's Briar Hill?

Detective: The one out there off of Newburgh around the corner where you would go -- 

Clay: Oh, yes, during the day after work I would smoke. I never went down that road that night.

Detective: Yes you did.

Clay: No I did not. Not in my baby mama's car.


Detective: I think you're off on your time frame a little bit, too. I think you were at the party later than you are saying you were.

Clay: It could have been a little later.

Detective: It was later, though, because Chelsea didn't get there until about 10:30, 11.

Clay: So, yeah.

Detective: You're way off on your time frame.

Clay: I know I got there. The fire was being lit as I left. I know that.

Detective: The fire was there at midnight.

Clay: They were saying, 'It's about to be lit.' I left before it got lit.

Detective: Your time frame is off. You're there later.

Detective: Also, Chelsea's costume, OK? I need to know more about what happened with that, OK? Because she didn't -- I need to know that costume came off her.

Clay: When I was with her she just pulled the pants down.

Detective: If that was Chelsea?

Clay: If that was Chelsea, all she did was pulled the pants down and hopped on my lap and we had sex for, like, 5, 10 minutes.

Detective: Let me tell you that the crime lab is telling us that Chelsea's costume was torn.

Clay: That wasn't by me, though.

Detective: It was torn off. The DNA is on the costume.

Clay: You said yourself -- that was not by me.

Detective: Both of them, you said yourself, and her were freaks.

Clay: I didn't have freaky sex. I had just plain Jane, let's get this.

Detective: When you had sex, after you left the party, did you go to Briar Hill Road and have sex with her?

Clay: No. I had sex in the parking lot at that party. I left by myself, 100 percent sure.

Detective: When you left the party, was Chelsea passed out in the back seat or in the trunk of your vehicle?

Clay: No. No, she never went in the trunk. She never went in the back. Go check the car.

Detective: At some point, Chelsea was in the vehicle with you?

Clay: Yeah. In the back seas, not the trunk, not the front seat, nothing.

Detective: After you left the party?

Clay: No.

Detective: At one point after you left the party -- 

Clay: No, she was not.

Detective: Yes she was.

Clay No, she was not.

Detective: She was. We know about that.

Detective: See, the problem is, Daniel, we started off on the wrong foot.

Clay: I know. I shouldn't have said I didn't have sex. I didn't think it was her because she had dark hair. I didn't know she had a wig on.

Detective: But we started off, you know, I got to confront you. You know what I mean? I don't want to have to do that, alright? We're man to man. Let's man up in here.

Clay: I manned up. I told you the truth. I had sex with somebody in the back seat of my car. When I left -- 

Detective: It was Chelsea.

Clay: OK, I had sex with Chelsea, then. OK. When I left, I left alone. I know that for a fact. I was not that wasted. I was seen by (name) because for -- two weeks later Tyler was still b------- at me that I left by myself.

Detective: But then -- 

Clay: I was parked right out front. 

Detective: It's an Escape. It's an Escape. He did not see inside that whole vehicle.

Clay: It's a dark Fusion. ... There are 50 cars around me, cars behind me, cars in front of me with the lights shining and s---. He's standing there this far away with all my windows down. That far away from me is how far he was. How can he not see my car because he looked at me and he goes -- 

Detective: Sit down and relax.

Clay: He said, 'You got no one in your car. You can take me with you. Come on, take us with you.'

Detective: Daniel, that is what it is. I know in your mind, you're like, 'mother f-----.' OK? You are. Am I wrong?

Clay: No, I mean, get -- I'm a little upset that you don't believe that part of that -- I want you to go call him. Do that and then we'll --

Detective: I will. I will. I don't want to call him.

Clay: Bring him in.

Detective: I want to meet him person to person.

Clay: Bring him in.

Detective: So, this is the thing. I'm telling you right now, I do not think you're a murderer. I'm being up front. I'm being honest with you. I have been honest with you 100 percent.

Clay: OK.

Detective: I think something happened. Either she passed out in your car, you guys went to Briar Hill Road and had sex.

Clay: We did not go to Briar Hill Road. We had sex in the parking lot.

Detective: But you did not have --

Clay: Whatever.

Detective: You did not have any intent to hurt her.

Clay: I didn't do anything to her. She was fine and breathing when I left her. She got out of the car and walked away.

Detective: On Briar Hill Road?

Clay: No. At the party. I never left that party with anyone. I showed up by myself and I left by myself. There was no other person, no other body, no nothing in my car when I pulled up and when I left.

Detective: But you're saying you're pretty sure there was nobody in your car

Clay: There was no one in my car. Period.

Detective: But just a little while ago you said you were pretty sure there was no one in your car, you can ask (name).

Clay: I didn't mean to say, 'Pretty sure (there was nobody in the car with him).' I'm saying, like, I'm pretty sure you could see all the way into my car, you know, from four feet, five feet away.

Detective: The thing is, from when we started a little while ago until now, we have come leaps and bounds.

Clay: I know. Mostly I was open with you except for having sex in the car.

Detective: That's a really big thing to forget.

Clay: It's not that I forgot.

Detective: You just didn't want to disclose that?

Clay: Yeah, because once you guys started talking to me, I started realizing, 'What if it was her that I had sex with?' I have only ever paid attention to a couple of the pictures. Like, you see them on the gas station doors and s---. There's a picture of her with blonde hair. That's all I ever saw.

Detective: I think the thing is, Daniel, is it's killing you inside. It's killing you inside, alright, that something happened and maybe she was left up there, alright? But it wasn't your fault.

Clay: I did not --

Detective: You had no intentions.

Clay: I did not take her from that party. I'm telling you that.

Detective: I'm not saying you took her. 

Clay: She never left with me. She never was in my car when I left. She wasn't in the trunk. She wasn't under the car. She wasn't taped to the top. Nothing.

Detective: Maybe you went and had sex with her and you got out and went and talked to (baby mama) and (Chelsea) passed out because she was f----- up.

Clay: No. We got out together. I made sure I left -- I'm not going to leave my car unlocked at a party.

Detective: I didn't (say you did).

Clay: I made sure I locked it. She walked off to the left. When you're facing the fire pit from out where all the cars were parked behind the house, like here's the fire pit, here's that tent, she walked over this way. I walked this way because I saw (baby mama) right there. I'm like, 'Alright, well, I'm about to go, you know.' I'm f----- up, I'm ready to go home and pass out now. I talked to (baby mama) for a minute. It was her, (her boyfriend), a couple other people around her. That's right before the fire was lit. That's what I said. I left right before the fire was lit. I didn't realize it was lit that late, that's why I kept saying 9 to 11. So maybe 10 to 12 then is when I was there. I was only there for like two hours.

Detective: OK. I'm not saying that you weren't there for a couple hours.

Clay: When I left, they were talking about, 'The fire is going to be lit in a few minutes.'

Detective: The thing is --

Clay: I pulled up, I talked to (name) for a second, I gave him some dap.

One of the detectives walked out of the room.

Clay: I'm telling you, sir. I didn't -- 

Detective: Listen, Daniel. Listen, something happened.

Clay: We had sex. Honestly, I swear to you, I didn't know that she had a wig on that night.

Detective: You guys --

Clay: I had sex with a dark-haired chick. I got out of the car. I remember, like, I smacked her on the a--, you know, I said, 'Oh, nice,' whatever, fun, have a nice night, blah, blah, blah. That's literally what it was. It was just, wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.

Detective: I understand.

Clay: I went back and talked to (baby mama). (Name) was standing right there by the car and (name), they both seen me leave. 

Detective: The thing is, is I think you're telling me part of the truth.

Clay: I'm telling you the whole truth.

Detective: Alright, but i don't --

Clay: Listen, I didn't tell you the sex part earlier. I wouldn't lie.

Detective: I think you and her had sex out on Briar Hill.

Clay: No, we did not.

Detective: Alright.

Clay: I would have found a place.

Detective: Something happened. Something f------ happened.

Clay: If I was going to have sex with her somewhere anywhere, I would have gone right near there. I wouldn't have gone way out to Briar Hill Road. I would have gone home.

Detective: Daniel, it's not out of the ordinary for you to drive out there because that's where you live.

Clay: Yeah, but I wouldn't -- there's no spot because there's houses all along that road and s---, you know. I would have done it somewhere else if I were --

Detective: It's a nice, quiet place to tuck away at the railroad tracks.

Clay: No.

Detective: Yeah, it is.

Clay: What railroad tracks are you talking about? The ones on the dirt road right there by the --

Detective: Yeah, yeah.

Clay: They run across two fields right there. ... Are you talking about -- what road are you talking about? I'm talking about the road that was on Telegraph. Is that where she was found?

Detective: Hold on a minute. Let me go get a map and I want to show you exactly.

Clay: OK. I thought she was found over by that school.

Detective: Let me go get you a map and I'll tell you exactly.

Clay: I have went on Briar Hill Road, and I have never been f------ back there with her or anything.

The detective left and Clay was alone in the room They returned with a map.

Clay: This is Newburgh, right?

Detective: Yep. The school is right there.

Clay: I have been on Newburgh. That's where I bust my Uies. I don't really come down there.

Detective: This is Briar Hill. I just want to confirm. This is the railroad tracks and this is the pond back here.

Clay: I've never been back there.

Detective: OK.

Clay: You know, like --

Detective: Alright, bear with me, alright? I want to talk to you. I know we're all getting tired, but I want to talk to you.

Clay: Alright.

Detective: This is the thing, alright? The DNA, OK, I just went and confirmed. I'm telling you exactly, I'm not tricking -- 

Clay: That's fine.

Detective: -- I'm not lying. I'm not saying anything. I did say something where I was wrong, OK? It was not semen.

Clay: OK.

Detective: The DNA. It was skin, alright? From force.

Clay: What do you mean?

Detective: From tear. Your DNA cells were on where her crotch was torn and where her top was torn.

Clay: From grabbing her or something like that?

Detective: So that's where your DNA was. I'm past that.

Clay: OK.

Detective: I know that you tore that. We're past that.

Clay: I didn't tear it. I pulled it off, or whatever, sure.

Detective: But it was torn. You had to tear it -- 

Clay: I didn't tear it. That could be somebody after me.

Detective: There was nobody after you. This is the thing --

Clay: There has to be somebody after me if something happened to her.

Detective: Listen to me, Daniel. We're past all of that.

Clay: OK.

Detective: I have your DNA where her stuff was torn. Nobody other's. Nobody else's. Nobody. No one.

Clay: OK.

Detective: This is where we're at, OK? This is where it's time. Something happened when you left with her.

Clay: I did not leave with her.

Detective: Listen, when you left --

Clay: I did not leave with her.

Detective: Either something happened where it was intentional, unintentional, accidental. So listen to me. Now is the time for you to tell us what happened. Because, are you that monster murderer --

Clay: No.

Detective: Did you have intention, but it just -- it just got -- it just slipped? It got out of control?

Clay: No, I didn't do that to her.

Detective: Or was it an accident?

Clay: I had sex with a girl. That's it.

Detective: But then you have your DNA from where the tears were on her costume.

Clay: (I took off) her pants, but I didn't --

Detective: Daniel, that's what it is.

Clay: I have no idea.

Detective: That's what it is.

Clay: I have no idea.

Detective: I'm giving you the opportunity --

Clay: And I'm telling you I left that place by myself.

Detective: Daniel, give you the opportunity.

Clay: I did not take her on Briar Hill Road or --

Detective: There's three things. There are three things: Murder, which is intentional.

Clay: I did not murder that girl.

Detective: OK. Unintentional, accidental, OK? It could have been accidental. It could have been a God damn accident, and something happened and you got excited, which any one of us in this room would, and somebody thinks, 'Oh s---, I just had sex with this girl,' and you left. If that's what happened, we need to know, because you're not that monster, you're not that murderer --

Clay: I'm not a monster.

Detective: You two got into some freaky a-- s---. I'm going to tell you one thing that nobody knows about Chelsea Bruck except us and her mother, is that she had brittle bone disease. ... A touch, a tap, where s--- breaks.

Clay: Like my bones. I break my fingers a lot because of it.

Detective: So that's what happened. It was an accident. Something happened where it was an accident. The problem is, we need to know from you. Because I'm telling you right now, between us, alright? We know you're not that murderer. We know that you're not that murderer. People don't know that. Just us.

Clay: OK.

Detective: Something happened with you and Chelsea.

Clay: We f----- around.

Detective: OK, but an accident happened. An accident happened, Daniel.

Clay: Can I get a cigarette in this?

Detective: An accident happened, OK? An accident happened and it was an 'oh s---' moment and gone, and it was done. We can't bring it back. We can't bring it back. All we can do is get closure from here and move on, OK? We're past all that. Right now we need to know what happened. What was that accident?

Clay: I had sex with her, that's it.

Detective: What was that accident? What happened?

Clay: Nothing.

Detective: What led up to it? How did she get left out there? We need to know.

Clay: We just had sex, that's it.

Detective: I understand you had sex, but what happened after?

Clay: I left.

Detective: OK. Her stuff was torn. Your DNA is on there, alright?

Clay: I had sex with her. I touched her. I don't know.

Detective: Right, right.

Clay: That's where my DNA would come from.

Detective: Right. I know. You tore her clothes. You guys had sex. But something happened. It's in -- was it an accident? It wasn't murder. You didn't intend to kill her. You did not intend to kill her. You did not intend to kill her. You didn't have any incline, any intent whatsoever. None. Zero. I am on your side 100 percent with that, Daniel.

Clay: I get that.

Detective: Look at me, I am on your side with that. But something happened. An accident happened. We need to know. We need to know.

Clay: i know, but I didn't -- I just had sex with her.

Detective: We need to know. So when your name comes out there, and everybody's asking me -- 

Clay: It don't matter anymore.

Detective: I don't want people to think you're that murderer, because I know you're not. I know you're not.

Clay: As soon as it comes out --

Detective: This is your chance. This it is.

Clay: I could tell you right now --

Detective: This is not who you are.

Clay: Hypothetically, I could tell you that we did have sex and she did get hurt and I left her out there --

Detective: But you're not that murderer. Look at me, Daniel. Look at me.

Detective: There you go.

Clay: No, I didn't do anything.

Detective: You had no intent --

Clay: I had sex with her. I was wasted.

Detective: Daniel, you had no intent. You had no intent to hurt her. ... But we need to do this.

Clay: I know we need to do this.

Detective: We need to do this right now. You had no intent, you understand?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: You're not a murderer.

Clay: I know. I didn't do anything, I just had sex with her.

Detective: We understand, an accident happened. Something happened, alright? I can't fault you for an accident. You can't fault yourself for an accident.

Clay: Am I not gonna get faulted for an accident or what?

Detective: Absolutely not.

Detective: It matters.

Detective: Listen, Daniel. It matters. It absolutely matters.

Detective: Yes, it does.

Detective: We need to know.

Clay: I know.

Detective: OK.

Clay: First off, can I please go to the bathroom? Is it possible for me to get a cigarette? Because I'm stressed out like --

Detective: I'll get you a cigarette. Listen, Daniel. I'll get you a cigarette. I'll get you to go to the bathroom, OK?

Clay: Thank you.

Detective: But hold on.

Detective: Let's (go to the bathroom). We're going to get a cigarette. We're going to come back and finish talking about this.

Clay: Thank you very much.

Detective: We're going to finish talking about this.

The detectives and Clay left the room. When the video resumed, Clay was smoking a cigarette while talking to the two detectives.

Detective: OK, there's a difference between intent. That's what we need to know right now. Did you do it intentionally?

Clay: No, I did not intentionally hurt her.

Detective: We need to know what happened, OK? It's a big difference.

Clay: We had sex and she did get freaky.

Detective: OK.

Clay: We sat there and then she's like, 'Alright, well, let's go,' because we had sex there. Then we left, and had sex somewhere else.

Detective: Where? Where is somewhere else?

Clay: It wasn't Briar Hill Road. We were just driving around having sex. She did, like, leave and I seen her as I was pulling up. She said, 'I'm about to walk, I'm about to walk. I'm so tired of this.' I'm like, 'Hop in. We'll go.' She goes, 'OK.' We had sex. She likes it rough, like getting choked and stuff.

Detective: We know --

Clay: Then she got -- I freaked out. I was wasted.

Detective: OK. So hold on. Let's stop. Now this -- you feel like a lot of s--- just went off your chest, don't you?

Clay: Yeah because it's something that --

Detective: It eats you up.

Clay: Pretty much.

Detective: But you're gonna move on from here.

Clay: Just by my telling you that, I have lost my kids, I have lost my family. I have lost my girlfriend. I have lost everything.

Detective: Daniel, listen to me. It happened, alright? You manned up, you manned up and you told us what happened.

Clay: After I got caught. It still don't matter.

Detective: Well listen. When you -- listen to me -- It's yours. Just relax, OK?

Clay: I'm freaking -- every cigarette you give me --

Detective: Daniel, let's get on track here. Because when somebody approaches me, I need to tell them exactly what happened. We can't have no loopholes. So did you two have sex at the party, the first sex?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: And then you left?

Clay: Yeah. We weren't -- just not far down the road. There were still cars. You could still see the f------ bonfire when we had sex the second time when it happened.

Detective: I'm going to ask you --

Clay: The second time when it happened.

Detective: The second time you had sex, was it on War Road?

Clay: No. Was it War Road that the party is on?

Detective: No. Post.

Clay: Post. Whatever road that is connected like this. Here is Post. Here is his house. I don't know which way it was, but I pulled out --

Detective: I'm going to -- this is why I'm asking you, because her shoe was at War Road. So --

Clay: Where is --

Detective: Her shoe was left on the side there.

Clay: Where at War Road?

Detective: On Post Road.

Clay: I have no idea how her shoe got there.

Detective: Is that where you had sex?

Clay: No, It could have been like right -- is War Road near his house?

Detective: Yeah.

Clay: Then that's probably -- because Wick, it's still like

Detective: War Road is the way you would take home to Newport Road.

Clay: Yeah. We weren't that far from his house when we had sex the second time. 

Detective: OK, so that could have been right there where her shoe was found.

Clay: It could have been, yeah. Because she got out of the car. She (went to the bathroom) before we had sex the second time. So wherever --

Detective: I'm trying to clarify --

Clay: That could have been where her shoe is. I don't know.

Detective: Trying to clear all questions. So she got out of the car and (went to the bathroom) there?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: Then you got in the car, where did you go from there?

Clay: We had sex right there.

Detective: Right on the side of the road?

Detective: In the car or outside?

Clay: Yeah, it wasn't (baby mama)'s car. It was in (name)'s car.

Detective: You're positive of that?

Clay: Yes, because (baby mama) wouldn't let me take her car that day, now that I think about it. She got mad because I tried to take her car earlier on in the day and she knows I didn't have a license and s---. I ended up taking (name)'s car.

Detective: Does she still have her car?

Clay: No. She got rid of it like two months later. She ended up getting with a dude and she moved up north. I haven't talked to her since then.

Detective: So let's stay on track here, OK? You leave there. You two have sex on the side there by, what we're assuming where her shoe was right on the side of War.

Clay: I guess.

Detective: You said you leave and go to War?

Clay: We didn't go far.

Detective: It's not very car.

Clay: Like who hits out of the bowl and she's like, 'Let's just stop and f---.' Because we didn't have sex that long in the car the first time.

Detective: OK.

Clay: Because there was like people all around and s--- and she freaked out.

Detective: Did you finish the first time?

Clay: No.

Detective: No, you didn't?

Clay: I didn't rip her pants off. I don't know how that happened.

Detective: Her pants got tore.


Detective: You had sex with her on the side of War Road. ... When you guys had sex on the side of War Road, is that where it got freaky?

Clay: Yeah. We were in the back. She was --

Detective: Explain freaky.

Clay: She was biting me and smacking me and I was choking her and smacking her. Not, like, violently.

Detective: Were you choking her with one hand, two hands?

Clay: I don't even remember. I just remember we were messing around and then she got underneath me. She's like, 'Choke me.' She's, like, telling me to f--- her harder, stuff like that.

Detective: Is this when you're choking her?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: Was she telling you, 'Choke me'?

Clay: She told me to choke her. I choked her. Then we switched because she got underneath me, and then, like, I don't know. We were f------ for a minute and then she kind of stopped and she went limp. So I stopped. I'm like, you know, I started tapping her face. I guess I choked her too hard or something like that.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I wasn't even choking her that hard, I didn't think.

Detective: OK, so what happened then?

Clay: I freaked out. I drove around for like five minutes with her in the back seat. Then I ended up over by (baby mama)'s.

Detective: By Briar Hill?

Clay: Yeah. I just kind of took her and walked her back. The clothes I left -- I honestly thought I left then in the car until like the next day, then I didn't know where the f--- they went.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I have no idea, because I don't know where you were talking about they were found. I'm not familiar with that.

Detective: So you never took the clothes to Peters?

Clay: No.

Detective: Has anybody ever asked you --

Clay: No one knows, no one, nothing.

Detective: You did not take the clothes to Peters Road?

Clay: NO. I don't think I left them in the car. I could have swore I left them on the side of the road or something.

Detective: What did you leave out there?

Clay: Where she was at? Just her. She was butt a-- naked. I didn't think to grab her clothes. I just grabbed her, like, got her out of the car, walked like 10 feet and set her down.

Detective: How did you get her -- how did you get her out?

Clay: Just picked her up and carried her.

Detective: Where did you park at?

Clay: I was at the side of the tracks.

Detective: Did you back down, pull down?

Clay: I pulled down them because there's like that little path right there. I just took it. I seen some spot. I was freaking out. I just --

Detective: She was in the back seat of the car. How did you get her out? Is it a four-door car?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: So you grabbed her?

Clay: I just picked her up. I tried to wake her up for like five, 10 minutes and she didn't respond to nothing. There was no pulse.

Detective: You think she was dead then?

Clay: I even put -- I have one of them little compact mirrors, I remember seeing it on TV. For some reason, it just stuck with me on, like, CSI or something to see if her breath was showing up, and nothing. So I tried -- I don't know how to do CPR. I tried -- Breath in and pushing and breathing.

Detective: You're freaking out. Understandably

Detective: Daniel, you're freaking out. You're not that guy. You're not that murderer. We already told you that. So you pull her out of that car and you put her in that place. What happened next?

Clay: I sat there. I cried my a-- off for like 20 minutes. I went back to (name)'s.

Detective: Who did you tell?

Clay: No one.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I went back to (name)'s. She was sleeping. (Name) and his girlfriend were sleeping. I went inside. I sat down in the chair, because, like, there was music playing and s--- so I wasn't worried about it. I remember just sitting there crying, and I took a bunch of pills. I thought I was going to die that night. I ended up waking up the next day all, like, puking my guys out, puking up blood.

Detective: Let me ask you this: You said you took her out of the car, back on Briar Hill Road. You took her out of the car. Do you carry her or drag her?

Clay: I just kind of picked her up and carried her.

Detective: Tell me some obstacles, was there like --

Clay: There was just some trees and stuff and I kind of walked her like 10, 15, 20 feet.

Detective: Did you have to take her through a ditch?

Clay: I don't remember.

Detective: You kind of drug her then you said?

Clay: No, I picked her up. I carried her. I'm a big dude.

Detective: How did you lay her down? On her side, back?

Clay: Kind of tossed her down and then, like, freaked out and was trying to toss sticks and stuff on her. I didn't even toss that much on her.

Detective: What all did you put on top of her?

Clay: Just a couple branches and some leaves.

Detective: How big would you say the branches were?

Clay: A couple of them were kind of big, I guess.

Detective: Were there limbs from trees there?

Clay: Yeah, just branches that were right there where I dropped her. 

Detective: To cover her up then? 

Clay: Because I was freaking out.

Detective: You said you put some leaves on top of her also?

Clay: Yeah. Then I kind of stopped. I literally sat right next to where she was for like 10, 20 minutes just crying. Then I went home and I pretty much tried to kill myself because I took a bunch of Neurontins and Flexerils on top of all the drinking I already did.

Detective: But you didn't because you're here talking to us and you're doing the right thing. You understand? And this goes a long way, alright?

Clay: I tried to kill myself like four times already.

Detective: The other thing is, alright, the other thing is, how did that costume and that wig get up on Peters Road?

Clay: I have no idea on that one. When I freaked out and I left her there, like, I was crying, I was --

Detective: This Peters -- 

Clay: I'm not sure. I don't know where Peters is. Well, I know where it is.

Detective: Is it possible that maybe the next day or the day after that you were so drunk, you were like, 'F---, I still have this costume to get rid of'? Is it possible?

Clay: No, because the next day I was dead for like two days.

Detective: Couple days later?

Detective: Somebody took them. I'm assuming somebody would have been like, 'What the f---, dude?' This s--- was all over the news and that was in the car. What happened?

Clay: It wasn't in the car, though, because I'm the one that got -- I left her there. I left. I don't remember going even near Flat Rock downtown because I didn't want to go anywhere, like, downtown area. I just drove some back roads right there. I could have swore I just put them in like a Burger King bag or something and threw them out.

Detective: No, they were --

Clay: Unless somebody else picked them up or something. I could have drove there, but I don't see myself driving that far. ... I was f----- up. I got to (name)'s house, unless I drove later on that night because I went back to her house. I remember crying in her chair for like 20 minutes.

Detective: I'll be straight up with you. ... Listen, I've got to tell you, I would do the same thing. I would think, 'Oh f---. I've got to get this s---. I've got to get rid of it.'

Clay: Like three weeks later, you can't really see it, but I ended up starting to develop, like, I started cutting the shit out of myself.

Detective: Well, yeah.

Clay: I tried to kill myself over it.

Detective: This is huge. This is huge. You're gonna move on. Look at me.

Clay: My life is ruined.

Detective: You're gonna move on. You are going to move on, alright? You're gonna move on. Her mother is going to appreciate --

Detective: Absolutely.

Detective: -- Her mother will appreciate this. Her mother is a Christian --

Clay: Hold on. Can you do me a favor?

Detective: Hold on. Her mother is a Christian lady.

Clay: Can you do me a favor? Tell her mom or everyone I really didn't mean to hurt her. I didn't -- I freaked out. I have lived with this for years.

Detective: Right.

Clay: My life is f-----. This is why my life is f----- up right now. I have not been able to do nothing because I have been in my head over this s---.

Detective: Any one of us would do the same thing.

Clay: For so long. I tried killing myself three different times the month after that because I feel wrong after that. I have never even hurt anything bigger than a f------ mouse. I use humane mouse traps.

Detective: Any one of us --

Clay: Because I don't like killing mice. I can't, like, I even kill bugs anymore.

Detective: So, Daniel, there's one more thing here, OK? There is one more thing we've got to clarify. This -- we have to got clarify it. The clothes. Is there a possibility you could have took them clothes there?

Clay: There is a possibility. I went back. I took a bunch of Flexerils. I walked in the house. I had like 10, 15 Neurontins. I took them all and a bunch of Tylenol, too.

Detective: Was it at that point you're like, 'Oh f---, that stuff's in the car and I've got to get rid of it.'

Clay: I might have later on.

Detective: Possibility?

Clay: I remember waking up the next day at like 5:00. I puked my guys out. I was puking blood up.

Detective: Is that when you took the stuff to Peters Road?

Clay: No, it wasn't there. It must have been the night before or I left it somewhere and somebody put it there.

Detective: The Peters Road, the wig and the costume, the wig and the leotard are there, OK? The pants and shoes --

Detective: I'm going to go get a picture.

Clay: I don't -- I don't know. That's what I'm saying. When I pulled her out of the car --

Detective: What was she like at that point? Was she already naked?

Clay: When we were in the car and started having sex the second time, I pulled off her pants. I pulled off her pants, started going at it. She ripped off the top. They were both sitting off the floorboard. I don't remember taking them anywhere. But I know when I got in the car the next day at like 7:00, because I woke up at like 5 in the afternoon f------ dying, I got up, I went to go get food because I needed to eat. It was like 7 and I thought about it then, 'Where is the clothes?' There was nothing in there.

Detective: But there's a possibility you could have took them there?

Clay: There's a possibility, yeah. So whatever else is missing could be on the side of the road somewhere.

Detective: OK.

Clay: But I don't remember much more about that night. I don't remember much more of, like, the next two weeks because I literally spent the next two weeks --

Detective: Her pants, her tights and a shoe were found on Briar Hill Road. How did those get there near the body?

Clay: Probably when I was getting her out of the car or something they might have. She might have still had a shoe on for all I know.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I don't --

Detective: But her pants were there, too. Them black leggings she was wearing.

Clay: They might have, you know, when I was pulling her out of the car or something. I freaked out. After I couldn't get her awake, I sat there and I tried giving her CPR in the back of the car.

Detective: And this is on War Road?

Clay: Yeah, this is on War Road. I pulled her part way out of the car there and I'm trying to give her CPR there. I freaked out because it was like three, four, five minutes of nothing. I just sat her back in the back seat and left. When I pulled out of this party, I made it 50 feet down the road, that's when I seen her. We had already had sex the one time, but then everybody was all around and stuff.

Detective: Oh, she walked? Did you run and pick her up?

Clay: Yeah because I left the party by myself.

Detective: What time do you think you left? Was it around 3ish?

Clay: No it was not that late.

Detective: She was last seen at the party around 3:00.

Clay: It couldn't have been that late because I picked her up because the fire wasn't even -- the fire was only lit for a little bit. The fire was lit right before I left.

Detective: Remember the sketch? Do you remember the sketch?

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: That sketch was a sober young man that was selling stuff for the bands, alright? And it's just a little detail, OK? But this was -- he saw her there around 3 in the morning. So you could maybe have your times off?

Clay: My time is off. I know it is off. But it's not no 3 in the morning.

Detective: His time could have been off a little bit. Maybe an hour, maybe two.

Clay: Maybe two because that fire, I know that fire was lit when I was there because I was getting ready to leave as it was lit.

Detective: It was after 12, though?

Clay: Yeah it could have been like 1.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I got there, but I was only there for like two hours. Two, maybe three hours.

Detective: You and her had sex there, but it was real quick?

Clay: What it was was we had sex out in the back of the parking lot because I seen (name). I know her. (Baby mama) and her is friends. I seen her there. That's when I first seen her. Then she was at the party like an hour later. She said they had been there for a little bit, not long. When I got there about -- and I parked, we left. I was bulls------ everybody. It was like two hours later. She's like, 'Oh, you know,' getting pissy at some dude that was ignoring her. I'm like, 'F--- that dude, you need a real man with a big d---, blah blah blah.' I'm like, 'Come on, let's go.' I think she was just trying to make him jealous. I was there for a good, another hour after we had sex.


Detective: For sure it was Chelsea at the party you had sex with?

Clay: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I don't remember the costume, I just remember when I got in the car she was like, 'Oh, let's have sex. I already f----- someone.' So I figured it was her I f----.

Detective: Well she was with (name) right?

Clay: When I first had sex with the girl, it was literally, like, she walked by, 'Oh, you're cute.' I said, 'You look nice too,' ... I said something and she said, 'Oh, let's go f---.' You could tell she was pissed off at someone. That's what I thought it was. Then everybody kept walking by and someone (tapped on the back of the car) as they were going by and it kind of freaked her out. She was like, 'Let's stop. Let's stop.'

Detective: So then you got -- you leave.

Clay: And I seen her --

Detective: Walking by herself?

Clay: Yeah. The cars were going slow. She's walking like 50 feet from the entrance of the driveway, and I seen her. I'm like, 'Do you need a ride?' She's like, 'Yeah, let's go.'

Detective: Did she know who you were at that point?

Clay: Yeah she recognized me. So that's what I said, I didn't realize I was having sex with whoever it was at first.

Detective: But she jumped in the car --

Clay: Later on I realized it was her that I was having sex with. I'm like, 'Let's have sex,' you know? She's like, 'Let's do it.'

Detective: What did she say about a ride? You said you're leaving, and what did she say to you?

Clay: I said, 'I'm going, do you want to you want to come with me?' She's like, 'Let's go. Let's go get f----- up.'

Detective: Did she ask you for a ride or did you offer?

Clay: When I pulled up by her as she was leaving the party --

Detective: So you're still on the property there?

Clay: No, I was already on the road.

Detective: You already pulled out onto Post Road?

Clay: It may have been like 50 feet down back there.

Detective: Is she on the road at that point?

Clay: I was maybe, like, 50 feet down and I seen her and I stopped and I said, 'What are you doing? Want a ride?' I didn't know, like, she was walking.

Detective: And it was Chelsea, she had the costume on?

Clay: Yes.

Detective: You knew her from Olga's?

Clay: I don't know her from Olga's. I never really met her anywhere. ... When I seen her with (name), I was pretty sure it was the one I had sex with and s---.

Detective: OK.

Clay: I'm like, I don't remember the shirt and all that stuff. That's what really --

Detective: She gets in your car --

Detective: She flags you down and asks you for a ride?

Clay: She kind of looked back. When she looked back, you could tell she was all drunk and s--- so I was like, 'F---, I'm going to give this chick a ride home. I'm wasted too. If we're going to go to jail, we'll go to jail together.'

Detective: When you say that, you pull up next to her, tell me how that goes.

Clay: I'm like, 'You need a ride?' She goes, 'Yeah.' She hopes in, 'F--- this motherf-----. F--- this party.' ... She goes, 'Let's f---.' It was literally like that.

Detective: Is that where you pulled around onto War Road right on the side of the road there?

Clay: Yeah, whatever road it was. It might have been War.

Detective: Well her shoe was on the side of War Road.

Clay: Probably then.

Detective: You said she got out and (went to the bathroom).

Clay: Yeah.

Detective: That was before you had sex?

Clay: Before we had sex she got out and (went to the bathroom).

Detective: How did you have sex there? You're driving along --

Clay: She's like, 'Let's stop and f---.' I'm like --

Detective: Did she say she had to (go to the bathroom) first or she just wanted to stop and f--- first?

Clay: She just wanted to stop and f---. As we were getting ready to hop in the back seat she was like, 'Hang out I've got to (go to the bathroom).

Detective: You and she have sex in the back seat right there, and that's when you're choking her?

Clay: Yeah. It was probably 20 or 30 minutes worth of sex.

Detective: So you guys are -- she's telling you to choke her, but then it got to the point where she went limp.

Clay: Yeah because I wasn't even choking her that hard. I had one hand on her, I kept switching back and forth, I just remember that because I got girlfriends that like to be choked and stuff. I know how to do it, like, I didn't realize her bones were brittle or whatever.

Detective: But you said yourself you were intoxicated.

Clay: Yeah, but I wasn't -- I know how to have sex when I'm intoxicated. I have a lot of -- like my ex (name), we would get f----- up, so --

Detective: So you're choking her and it gets to the point where she's limp?

Clay: We were f------ and she got down underneath me. I choked her for maybe, like, 30 seconds, and it wasn't even hard, like she should have been --

Detective: Is she facing you?

Clay: Facing me. ... She was all into. Then like -- I hurried up, was pulling really hard for a second, and I went to stop and move myself, and, like, she was laying there. I'm like, 'This b---- just passed out on me.' Because that's what I honestly though it was. So I tapped her face, tried to wake her up, tried to wake her up. Started realizing. I grabbed that little mirror, you know. I freaked out.

Detective: And she's not breathing at that point?

Clay: She wasn't breathing. I'm giving her CPR in the back of the car for like five minutes.

Detective: So at that point it's like, 'Oh f---, I got to do something here'?

Clay: Right. I freaked out and drove around for like 5, 10 minutes. Then I'm just like --

Detective: Briar Hill?

Clay: No I was just there, so I was like, 'F--- it, I'm just gonna --'

Detective: That's where you --

Clay: I had probably been driving around for 20, 30 minutes at that point.

Detective: I mean, you're driving around thinking, 'Oh f---,' and then you're -- you're just driving, knowing that area where you smoked weed and that?

Clay: I don't even remember exactly how I got between -- I was just crying. When I left there, I don't remember taking the outfit to wherever I'm -- Peters or wherever you said.


Detective: She had a -- her chin was busted.

Clay: I have no idea.

Detective: Could it possibly have been from a smack or punch? 

Clay: I doubt it. I didn't --

Detective: When you smacked her around, did you use anything at all?

Clay: I smacked her on the a-- and stuff like that.

Detective: Did you have anything in your hands at all? Any objects at all?

Clay: No.

Detective: Did you ever take her head and bang it into anything at all?

Clay: No.

Detective: Do you think it was when you threw the log on, maybe it hit her in the face?

Clay: That could have been it. I mean, at that point I was literally -- like, if you would have seen me you would have been like, 'Wow,' because I was -- I had snot coming off my face, you know. I'm freaking out and I just kind of, like, I'm throwing stuff on her.


Detective: You never told anybody besides us?

Clay: No.

Detective: Did anybody ever question you about it? Did anybody ever say you were involved?

Clay: (Name) asked me about it, 'Oh no, the girl I work with came up missing.' I had a mini heart attack.

Detective: But you never told anybody but us?

Clay: No.

Detective: How did you feel when you seen it on the news, her being missing, her being found?

Clay: The worst.

Detective: Did you panic a little bit?

Clay: I panicked a lot every time. Then for the month after it happened, I was really bad. I started getting a little better. Then I went up on it and December, like, I went out on a big drug binge. Come back and, yeah.

Detective: At what point did you realize she was dead?

Clay: When we were having sex and she had gotten underneath me and I started choking her and it was only like 20 seconds, 30 seconds. So, like --

Detective: You choked her for about 20 seconds, 30 seconds?

Clay: We had just started going back at it, like, you know, so I was on top of her and I was like doing this... her head was kind of pressed up against the door up in the corner, so I don't know, I didn't know and I freaked out.

Detective: She was just, you say, kind of laying there?

Clay: Yeah, it was like 30 seconds into it and, like, the first 15 seconds she was responding and then she stopped. It wasn't even about 10, 15 seconds. I remember that part so clearly, like, she was eyes in the back of her head enjoying it and she went quiet. So I thought at first she was like holding her breath or something. I wasn't choking her that hard, or I didn't think. Then, like, she just stopped breathing and I stopped because I'm not trying to have sex with someone that just passed out on me. I started tapping her. I started tapping her and tapping her. I'm like, you know, I start shaking her. I'm like, 'This b---- passed out.' I try and put my hand on her throat, you know, to like hear, or feel for a pulse. I don't know how to do it, though. I don't feel anything. I don't feel anything on her wrist. So I try to breathe into her mouth a couple times, and then I tried, you know, and nothing happened. She wouldn't wake up and I freaked out.

Detective: How did you end up on Briar Hill Road?

Clay: About a half hour's worth of driving before I ended up there.

Detective: You didn't think you were going to get pulled over or anything?

Clay: I wasn't thinking about it.

Detective: Was she in the back seat?

Clay: She was still in the back seat.

Detective: Did you cover her up with anything?

Clay: No. After I tried giving her CPR and I got out of the car and I sat there for a second, I got back in the car and I started driving -- I almost thought about just driving back to the party, and then, you know, I didn't want to do that to thousands of people. I just, I don't know. I just dealt with a lot of stuff over the last two years because I haven't been able to tell anyone.

Detective: I believe it.

Clay: I have gone to see mental health and been on psychotics. I tried killing myself in December that year three different times over December, plus like way afterwards. I took all those pills. Like two days later I took a bunch of pills.

Detective: I appreciate you being honest about it.

Timeline of events in Chelsea Bruck murder case

Oct. 26, 2014: Chelsea Bruck vanishes from Halloween party in Monroe County
Bruck went missing on a Saturday night during a party on Post Road in Frenchtown Township. She was last seen wearing a Poison Ivy costume consisting of black pants and a leaf-covered top.

Oct. 29, 2014: Bruck's family, friends continue search

Nov. 2, 2014: Chelsea Bruck case: Police search for guards
Police searched for the security guards who were hired for the party.

Nov. 4, 2014: More info sought from party goers about missing Chelsea Bruck

Nov. 12, 2014: Reward now $5,000 in Chelsea Bruck case

Nov. 17, 2014: Chelsea Bruck's family appeals for help

Nov. 24, 2014: Reward grows to more than $17,000 in case of missing Chelsea Bruck

March 19, 2015: Authorities search Michigan game area for missing Chelsea Bruck
Dozens of law enforcement officers searched Pointe Mouillee Game Area in southeastern Michigan amid an effort to find Bruck.

April 5, 2015: New clue in missing Chelsea Bruck case
Police said they found what they believed to be a portion of Bruck's costume in the area of Peters Road and Vreeland in Flat Rock.

April 6, 2015: Helicopter, K9 search for Chelsea Bruck in Flat Rock

April 8, 2015: Family of missing Monroe County woman awaits information from police

April 24, 2015: Construction workers find body in rural Monroe County
Construction workers found the body around 2 p.m. Friday in a wooded area near train tracks in the village of Carleton. Officers from the Michigan State Police Crime Lab and Monroe County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene.

The construction crew was doing excavation work on a piece of property where a man is planning to build a house. The crew discovered the body while checking on a piece of equipment, police said.

April 25, 2015: Remains found in Monroe County identified as Chelsea Bruck
Dental records were used to confirm the remains belonged to Bruck, and investigators Saturday said evidence at the scene indicated a homicide.

June 9, 2016: Witness comes forward after pictures released in connection to Chelsea Bruck case
After the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office released photos of a person who was at the party and may have had information, the witness made contact with authorities.

July 22, 2016: Monroe County Sheriff: 27-year-old Newport man in custody in Chelsea Bruck case
After an exhaustive investigation over nearly two years, a 27-year-old Newport man was taken into custody.

July 25, 2016: Suspect in Chelsea Bruck slaying: 'I don't want a bond'
At Daniel Clay's arraignment, he told the judge he didn't want a bond.

Nov. 2, 2016: 15 witnesses testify in Chelsea Bruck murder case
Fifteen witnesses testified during a preliminary hearing for Daniel Clay.

May, 2017: Daniel Clay goes to trial on murder charge
Clay, 27 of Newport, is charged with second-degree murder in connection with Bruck’s death. According to authorities, Clay was linked to the death with DNA evidence obtained by Michigan State Police.

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