VIDEO: Officers tackle shooting suspect in middle of I-75 in Detroit after high-speed chase

Man ran into oncoming traffic, tried to hurdle minivan on highway

DETROIT – A large group of police officers tackled a man in the middle of I-75 in Detroit after he led them on a high-speed chase throughout the city.

The man was being chased in connection with a shooting, sources told Local 4.

VIEW: Slow motion video

The man was driving a charcoal gray SUV as he sped through traffic and entered and exited the freeway several times.

You can see the end of the chase and the arrest in the video above.

There were several police vehicles following the SUV throughout the chase.

After a long chase, the SUV's front driver's side tire went flat, forcing the man to park on the shoulder of the highway. He got out of the SUV, jumped over the median and ran into oncoming traffic.

He tried to hurdle a minivan and got flipped onto the hood, where police officers trapped him. When he came down off the minivan, he was tackled by several police officers and taken into custody.

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