Officials search for bodies of longtime missing girls in Macomb Township woods

Police believe girls may have been killed by Arthur Ream, sources say

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A major excavation took place Monday in Macomb Township as officials searched a wooded area for bodies.

Police searched the spot where Cyndi Zarzycki was buried after she disappeared from Eastpointe in 1986. Authorities are wondering if Zarzycki's killer is responsible for more deaths.

The disappearance of Kimberly King, from Warren, in 1979, might have connections to convicted killer Arthur Ream. King was 12 years old when she vanished.

Ream didn't know Local 4's cameras were rolling in 2008 when he spoke to investigators and described the property at 23 Mile Road and North Avenue where he buried 13-year-old Zarzycki after he murdered her in 1986.

Ream was already in prison for raping a 15-year-old girl when he led investigators to the spot where Zarzycki was buried.

On Monday, a team from the Warren Police Department, the Macomb County Sheriff's Office and the FBI returned to the site with the equipment necessary to do a major dig.

Officials wonder if Ream is also responsible for King's disappearance. They said he had a sick obsession with young girls.

Police sources told Local 4 they are positive Ream is responsible for other crimes, but they aren't certain he's responsible for King's disappearance.

Officials are also looking at Ream in connection with the disappearance of Kellie Brownlee, from Novi, in 1982, and Kim Larrow, who disappeared from Canton in 1981, when she was 15.

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