Radioactively contaminated soil from Ohio headed to Wayne County landfill

Soil Luckey FUSRAP Site shipping to Belleville


BELLEVILLE, Mich. – Radioactively contaminated soil from the Luckey FUSRAP Site in Ohio will be headed to Michigan for disposal.

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Beginning next week, the soil will be shipped to the U.S. Ecology, Wayne Disposal Facility in Belleville, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced.

"The safety of the workers and the community, as well as the protection of the environment, continues to be our highest priority for the project," a press release from the Corps read.

The material will be transported in flexible bulk packages inside hard-sided roll-off containers that will be sealed and will have a tarp over them. Each container will contain 15 tons of soil.

The trucks, which will each carry one container, will be inspected to ensure they aren't spreading contaminated material, the Corps said. An estimated 11 trucks will leave the Luckey site a day.

The Corps said drivers will be briefed on the transportation route, speed limits and procedures to follow at the disposal facility before their truck leaves the site.

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