Men hack into pump at Detroit gas station, steal 600 gallons of gas

Gas stolen from Marathon station at 7 Mile and Southfield

DETROIT – Thieves used a remote device last month to hack into a gas pump and steal 600 gallons of gas, Detroit police said.

According to police, the thieves gained control of a pump at a Marathon gas station at the intersection of  7 Mile and Southfield roads about 1 p.m. on June 23.

As the gas flowed freely, vehicles pulled up for about 90 minutes to fill up.

Police said the device the men had made it where the clerk could not control the pump, but the clerk did not realize the pump was out of his control. The pump security cameras were working at the time.

It's unknown if the drivers who filled up with the gas paid the pump hijackers or got the gas for free.

Police are searching for the men in the photos below. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call police at 313-596-5840.

Detroit police believe these men stole more than 600 gallons of gas. (WDIV)