Family seeking answers years after mother of 12 murdered

Crimestoppers offering reward

DETROIT – It’s been nearly four years since Gloria Wright, a mother of 12, was murdered on Detroit’s west side, and her family is still fighting for her.

Wednesday Robin Hornbuckle stood with her family asking for answers in the death of her mother.

“I asked with every breath in me, that you would come forward,” Hornbuckle said. “We can't get our mom back, but this would bring a lot of peace to my family."

Detroit Police said Wright was murdered on Dec. 8, 2016, at 9:30 p.m. in the 15000 block of Parkside Street, between Linwood and Dexter on Detroit’s west side.

Wright's children are left with questions, even three years later. Wondering what happened and who killed their mother.

“Every day, it seems like this would get easier, but it doesn’t,” said Phyllis Spencer.  “We were once told that this was a domestic violence case and we don’t believe that to be so. If this was your child, your brother, your sister, your mother, that you would want somebody to help you,” said Spencer. 

There is a $2,500 reward. If you know anything, call CRIMESTOPPERS.

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