Original Little Caesars pizza shop location closing

Little Caesars moving down Cherry Hill Road

GARDEN CITY, Mich. – The first Little Caesars Pizza is going to close down and move out of the store on Cherry Hill Road in Garden City.

It was first opened by the Mike and Marian Ilitch in May of 1959, and while it isn't a national landmark it's certainly a notable landmark in Michigan.

Little Caesar was Marian's nickname for Mike.

Mike and Marian took all the money they could scrape together after Mike was injured playing baseball for the Tigers minor league system and they opened their first pizza shop.

Little Caesars officials said they are closing the store because the place they have been leasing from has an uncertain future.

The news saddened customer Melissa Bruner.

"Definitely sad, I don't understand why," Bruner said.

The company also said they would be moving the store just a few blocks down Cherry Hill Road to a brand new location that has a drive-through.

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